Pranks I am doing on this one kid

Aight, well, me and a whole shitload of my friends are going to the beach for senior week june 8th to the 15th. Now, there is this kid that me and my lifting partner chris know and he is an arrogant cocky bastard so we are gonna totally fuck with his head the whole week…
Prank 1 - Before we leave we will put hundreds apon hundreds of plastic forks knives and spoons stabbed into is entire lawn. (we will go late at night around 1am.)
Praink 2 - Before he goes to sleep, we will spread powdered milk all over the inside of his sheets, when he starts naturally sweating during the night he and his girlfriend will be covered in milk. Of course then in about an hour or so it will become so unbelievably stale it will be the nastiest smelling shit EVER.
Prank 3 - Place a whole shitload of popcorn kernles in his exhaust valve under the hood.
Prank 4 - Place hollowed out cut in half watermellons under his front tires (car is front wheel drive).
Prank 5 - Empty his cologne bottle leaving the SPRAYER filled with cologne but the rest filled with pepper spray.
Prank 6 - Nut in his shampoo Bottle
Prank 7 - While he is asleep, place disturbed objects all over his bed with his gf (dildos, pornos, videos, bongs, alcoholic containers, a plastic bag filled with flour with a masking tape lable that cleverly says “crack”) and then take pictures and send them to his parents.
Prank 8 - Put Clear seran wrap over the toilet seat. When he tries to take a shit…it will not go according to plan.
Prank 9 - Remove the water intake hose from the toilet and place it so it is barely sticking out of the top of the toilet, when he flushes he will get shot in the face with toilet water.
Prank 10 - Superglue quarters over his keyholes to get into his car. (we might not do this one because it might cause permanent damage. We don’t want to destroy anything, we just want to fuck with his head.)

OK, I think that is it for all of what we are going to do to him. Some of you will think this is funny while others will step on their high horse and call me a jerk but you don’t understand how much of a dumbass this guy is. Any SUGGESTIONS?

Man you are sick! LOL. I hope this dude deserves this.

seran wrap on the toilet seat is a classic. busting a nut in his shampoo bottle, well, ive heard of that one before, and as funny as it is, i would say only do it if he REALLY deserves it. the powdered milk thing is hilarious. on another note, try this one: while he’s sleeping, set his alarm clock to go off at, for example, if its 2am, then 2:07. he will hit it and go back to sleep. repeat this 2 more times, with about 15-20 minutes in between each alarm buzz, then the 4th time, do it again but spread jelly all over the top of the clock. oh yeah hide somewhere in the room and try not to laugh!

Here’s some more: 1-Coat all door knobs and handles he uses regularly with honey or vaseline just not both at once. 2-Hide all of his remote controls. 3-Drop a grape or two into the toes of his shoes. 4-Cologne variation-piss in the bottle instead of using pepper spray, he might not notice right away, but other people will, haha! 5-Grab a chocolate pudding snack pack and put globs of pudding on the outside ass-crack of all his pants, then re-hang or fold and put away. empty lotion bottle, re-fill with icy-hot. Oh man this is fun, I could do this all day, but I’m sure others will chip-in. Have fun!

Well a few of your pranks might get you charged (pepper spray, superglue quarters and maybe the kernals in his exhaust valve)so you should be careful there. I don’t see how the guy or his girlfriend wouldn’t notice the powdered milk in the bed. Does this guy usually sleep in a dirty bed?
How do you plan to implement the pranks that happen in the guys house? Will you have to break and enter or are you friends with this guy?

That was funny but I have one more to add. Do an upperdecker(take the lid off the tank of the toilet and take a dump in the tank) it will take a long time for him to figure out what it is and where it is comming from and by then it will stink to high hell. Have fun!

I’ve got a suggestion. Don’t do it. Besides the moral and maturity issues here, what if he gets wise to you and you get taken in by the police? Not a fun senior week.

Molsonman, yes, I am friends with this guy and he is staying in the room next to me on senior week. Listen, he is my friend as in, in a fight he would back me up but we have been telling him that he is on “the list” for months now and he is acting like it is a big joke and that nothing is going to actually happen. Well, he is in for a surprise, alot of them actually. Once Senior week is over we won’t play anymore pranks on him ever again. Oh and for nephorm, yes, I am unfortunately one of the most immature people ever but if it weren’t for people like me there would be nothing funny to talk about. He will NOT go to the police cause that would make him a pussy and he is one of those guys that has to be a “tough guy.” However, despite his tough guy attitude he will most likely just bend over and take it without retaliation cause he is all talk…you have to know him to understand. OK It is really late and I have to go to bed now. Night night all. ~PorchDawg

I got it! Its the perfect prank: Abduct the kid, anesthetise him and surgically remove one of his kidneys. Then, without closing him up, leave the kid in a bathtub full of ice, then call 911 from a payphone. Boy, will his face be red!

I’d advise against the pepper spray (maybe garlic oil instead), and I’d also avoid involving the parents. If you think people on THIS forum don’t understand…

oooooooooooo, good idea veljko! Damn, why didn’t I think of that? Sheesh

I’ve always been a fan of filling the air vents in his car with flour. Then, while the car is still off, you set his air conditioner on full blast. When he turns on the car…

Here’s a good one that i’ve seen done, and my god is it hilarious. I understand that you’re going away, but this is better to do to someone’s bedroom that they have to live in.

Get a large/powerful fan. Put it in the victim’s room. Turn it out as high as possible and dump a whole bottle (or more) of babypowder into it. You would not believe the mess this makes.

I think that #5 and #6 could get you charged with assault if he does go to the cops, and I also think that you should stay away from #10 because of possible property damage. And on a positive note, #7 is sheer genius.

ahight, this might be a fun one…
i heard a story about a guy who went off to ibiza for a week of drunken mayhem. anyway, he 'n his mates went out on the first night, 'n he was like totally unconcious wen they got back - face down on the bed. so they whipped his kegs down, spat in a condom, put it on a pencil, 'n shoved it up this poor fuck’s arse. 'course, when he woke up, he couldnt remember a thing, 'n drew his own conclusions (heh, “reconstructive memory” is a TERRIBLE thing!). he didnt come out of his room till the last night, when they told him what’d happened…

happy jubilee holliday, you crazy people!
god save wor queen.

" #7 - nut in his shampoo bottle "

damn that is original. hahaha. all i gotta say is every dog has its day. have fun.

in the end though, even the pepper spray probably wouldnt be that bad… the nutting in the shampoo crosses the line imo.

just a note of caution from personal experience. anything involving bodily fluids is considered assault. the charge is assault by bodily fluids i.e. spitting, pissing,orgacking on someone.

but seriously how we the person(s) know if you nut in their shampoo bottle? hahaha … damn i start busting up just thinking about it. let us know how it goes!

that has got to be the funniest thing i have ever heard in my life