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And he'd certainly be living in his mother's basement if she had one.

This does look like someone who lives in his mothers basement.

I'm wondering if Headhunter is involved here?

I'm sure that most of you have heard about the prank calls. If not, read the article.

Anyway, this guy is from Canada, but been making the calls to the U.S. I'm wondering he, and the others responsible, can be prosecuted?


Read the article, what an asshole. I don't have anything against pranks, they can be very funny. But there is a line between pranks/jokes and what this guy is doing. Making people drink urine, destroying hotel rooms, undressing in public... That's just humiliating and degrading people, not to mention having them commit felonies. Who knows, maybe those people that destroyed stuff will actually have to pay for it too.

We all know it's way to easy to manipulate people into doing stuff. And it has nothing to do with 'people being dumb, like this guys claims. People will do almost anything that is said by what is believed to be an authority figure. Milgram already proved that decades ago...


Pussy! I'm glad his pic is everywhere now. Maybe justice will be served outside the legal system. :wink:

But the people who fell for his pranks must be stupid. Unless an authority figure is personally in my face, I'd never take orders over the phone that would harm or humiliate me, or anyone else, or property.


I gotta agree with this. I listened to a couple of the calls they had posted and I can't believe some people fell for this shit. They just sound unprofessional and juvenile -- especially the swine flu/restaurant call.

I'm not saying anyone deserved any of this, because most of this stuff is way over the line, but come on people! Think a little.


Here's a little story that this reminded me of (Back in Sep - Dec 2007):

My girlfriend had to move to Windsor to work for 3 months (Sep - Dec) and rented a small room upstairs a small house. It was owned by this old asian lady and her son. The lady worked at the Casino as a black jack dealer and her son...you guessed it, anti-socialite. Couped up in his bedroom all day on his computer, watching Porn and Anime. About 22 years old, went to community college part-time studying whatever about computers. Obviously he was an ugly fat fuck that tried to hit on my girlfriend.

On the first day she moved in, he was all up on her, helping her move her luggage and even cleaning out her room for her. No idea but I kinda felt like he also rigged the room with hidden cameras too. I wish I fucking checked that before...goddamn. He kept asking her to go to lunch, dinner whatever and obviously she blew him off. She refused to give him her number so he gave him her msn instead. This guy had the most retarded msn display name and pic. Something fucking stupid like "NARUTO86" with a picture of an anime character. What the fuck???

We live in Toronto (about 5 hrs away) and she comes back every weekend and I go up on weekends once in awhile. When I see him, just reminds me of that fucker above. Thick eyebrows, glasses, fat ass, smells like shit, and eats A LOT of KFC.

My girlfriend's room was actually right above his and one time when I came to visit her for the weekend, we were banging with the mattress on the floor all night. 7 times that night to be exact.

I'm pretty sure he's never gone out with a chick, not mention getting sex...so that made it all the more satisfying when all he hears at 3am is the ceiling banging and shaking...ceiling dust falling on his fat ass head.

Sorry to hijack this shit, and I am not hating on computer people here, but extremists like these computer nerds that have rape and torture fantasies should be put away.

end rant/


"Chuckaboo", apparently, knows a thing or two about stupid display names.

At least your pic is decent.

And hey... glad you got laid that night. Seven times, to be exact, though it is a little odd that you were thinking of him while banging your girlfriend.


I've never seen a "bangin your girlfriend in a rented room above a introverted asain kids bedroom, 7 times that night to be exact" thread before... interesting.


You know, it's amazing that none of the people in those hotel pranks thought, "this is a little odd, I'm going to hang up and call/go to the front desk and see what's up."

It's scary and amazing how people will do anything that comes from someone impersonating anyone with authority.


LOL yeah...the user name, came up with that in Gr10. Chem class with some buddies. Periodic table references? have no idea...

I don't mean to gloat, and I wasn't thinking about the dude downstairs while I was doing it, but rather after we finished. I had random images pop into my head. To this day, I cannot forget.


You know what, I am going to do that right now. thanks buddy.