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Prank Videos

I just love these, as long as they’re mildly clever.

A head in the pot-a-potty:

People think they’ll be in a commercial but are left alone looking like idiots:

“Prostitute” drops money and makes the guy look like a John:

Twins used to make people think they’ve gone insane:

Another great use of twins:

Ok, another twins one:

Sorry about posting the prostitute one twice. I ain’t fixing it.

“I’m invisible, not bad.”
This one was fucking great!

And damn you Nards for posting that twice. I thought I seen it before.

Punishment: eat 7 of those 7 pattie burgers in 7 minutes otherwise celtic’s mom will cut your sin stick off!

hah, toilet prank reminded me of another one


andrew_live: UPDATE: I found out BK will make ANY size burger you want up to 30 patties! Really.

Oh yeah, I didn’t even think to post all the great Japanese prank show stuff! They are quite imaginative.

[quote]Nards wrote:
fukit i’m not going to explain these stupid double posts.[/quote]

What double posts? I thought you were twins posting under the same username.