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Prank Ideas


here is the story: my friends got me good. They told me to meet with them to study for an exam. They gave me directions to this girls house in our class and told me to just walk in and meet them. Well I was suspicious and thankfully I knocked first. The girl answered the door and I could tell right away she was thinking what the fuck was I doing here. So I need to get the three of them back and since April Fools is soon I figured might as well do it soon.

Any ideas?


go to their house.

throw a party at the house.

while the party is going on, boil up some jello.

take the jello, and then pour it into the toilet.

lock the toilet door, and go party.

the next morning, when they unlock the door, the entire bowl of the toilet will be jello'ed.

they'll shit themselves.


Get a blank fire gun, put on a balaclava, and do a hold up as a incompetent criminal. Let off few shots around them, and chase them a little firing. You won't be even with them, but if they prank you a few more times then you won't have to get them back.


that's a fucking awesome idea lloydk!

first let's drop like 3-4 hundo on a fucking blank gun.

then, lets run around SHOOTING IT with a BALACLAVA on.

you know, so we can either get shot by someone who's CCW, the cops, or fucking get arrested and go to jail for life.

you sir, fail.


And so does his avatar.


i wanna get a blank tape and get that scene from "the ring" on it, show it to my sister, then have one of my friends call her and be like, "seven days."


lol that would be funny for someone younger. I was thinking of something I could do at school.


Make cookies. Make one batch laced with copius amounts of laxative and a fiber supp like metamucil and one not. Go to their place with a few, while eating a clean one, and offer them some.

The toilet should have been shrinkwrapped by this point. If they get the shits, cool. If not, the toilet is still shrinkwrapped.

Or you could beat the shit out of them.


lol @ mason.

i'd put all the cookies in the same bin, that way they don't catch on that cookies from 'bin a' taste a bit different than cookies from 'bin b'

you could bang their mom's


Fuck it OP. Do the cookie thing. THEN beat the shit out of them in their shit-covered, dehydrated state. Bang their moms BEFORE all this, so you can break it to them while you're beating them.


I have hit a lot of homer runs in my life. But I have never hit an upper-decker....Urban dictionary that if you do not know what it is.


oh, that's a good one. So OP, here's the plan: Bang your friends' moms. Then shrinkwrap their toilet while leaving an upper decker. Then slip them the laced cookies. THEN beat the shit outta them. GO!


Thank you for taking me seriously.


Bang their mom's what?



LOL. My first thought after the story was to fuck all of their girlfriends.

"April fools and shit. Guys...?"


Google your local boys and girls soccer club. Send them crazy emails and tell them to call you. Give them your friend's phone numbers.


Make them drink a lot of gin and force them to go to work still drunk the next day.

That sucks real bad.


A dude I used to work with would eat a full bag if twizzlers(licorice),green was his favorite.Then he would go into one of the shitters at work and put a layer of tp on the surface of the water.He would take this massive green colored shit and it would float on top of the tp.Then he would go up to someone and say "fuck man did you see what somebody wrote about you in the end stall of the crapper".Buddy would take off to check it out and surprise!lol.Worked every time.


Some simple but fun ones to get people in the morning (I guess it's too late for that now) is to tape the trigger down on the sink spraywer hose thing with clear tape and point it towards the center of the sink. Then when someone goes to get some water, the sprayer nozzle thingy starts soaking them. It gives you a good jump, my dad did it to me once when I was younger.




That's brilliant.