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Pramipexole Experiences


I'm currently using pramipexole for prolactin support. First time using this particular drug.

I had started at .5mg/day and was pretty happy, take about 2 hours before bed, knocks you out, good sleep for the most part. The first time I took it, I dosed in the middle of the day, I fought sleep for over an hour till I simply went and took a nap in my car, literally obliterates you until you get used to it.

I was experimenting with the dosage, last night bumped to 1mg, a dose many guys are running, about 30 minutes later as I was eating my before bed meal, severe nausea, I actually puked, usually when I experience nausea I can sit there and fight it for 30 minutes or so and it will dissipate, this did not, just got progressively worse, at the hour mark I gave up. I'm aware of the need to ladder up with this sort of drug, but I had no side effects on .5mg so I figured what the hell...

Huge mistake, this morning upon waking and eating breakfast, same deal, severe nausea, I had to take some of my stash of Ondansetron (hangover cure extraordinaire) to keep from throwing up again.

Not a drug to play with the dosages wise, when they say increase the dosages SLOWLY, its not something to ignore, nausea is a common side effect, about 30%. And its brutal, 1-1.5mg/day is quite a low dosage.

Many are prescribed up to 4-6mg/day.

I found to be a very effective drug, sexual side effects are minimal, although usually a higher dose is required for those, refractory period is a down, but that could also be the test. No prolactin issues to speak of, noticable mood increases, just in a good mood lately, despite the tren and dbol which generally make me easily irritated.

Good drug, pairs well with tren in my opinion, the one "problematic side effect" is that it helps you sleep, combating tren insomnia nicely, and counteracts some of the aggression issues that I experience with tren. I will run it again with tren, cheap and effective.

We don't have many anecdotes on this drug, thought I would share my experience so everyone can learn from my mistakes.


I always enjoy reading your posts, Westclock, thanks.



i used this drug not with steroids, but on its own because i heard it had positive effects on GH and pro-sexual sides vis a vis dopamine agonism and hence prolactin suppression.

Personally, i hated it, and could attest to all the side effects you have listed.

here's some "snippets" of things i posted on another forum of my own personal experience with the drug (this was on a dose of 0.25mg taken twice a day)

"But fuck me the sleep effects on this are something else.
Even on 100mg of modafinil it knocks me spark out!
My sleep is totally fucked. When i take it late at night, it knocks me out in this really deep glorious sleep but then i wake up again at 5am and its totally IMPOSSIBLE to sleep.
This has been happening three days in a row :-/
I've upped the modafinil to 200mg, which seems to have done the trick - but damn, i don't wanna be taken this level of pills all the time, my piss absoulutely stinks."

So the sleep became ERRATIC, as in i'd pop it, fall asleep, then wakeup in the middle of the night, then need rebound sleep throughout the day.

I'm wondering, why would anyone choose this drug over Cabergoline, or Caber+selegiline combo? That is far superios in my opinions, less side-effects, and judging my the libido, more effective at supressing prolactin

(for me anyways).


As mentioned by Westclock, tren can cause insomnia. I've had cycles where it really wasn't an issue, and I've had some, particularly my last one, where it was a huge, huge issue. Caber certainly has some recreational properties that are quite enjoyable, but it definitely doesn't help me get to sleep...


I was actually extremely happy with it at .5mg dosed two hours before bed... till I started to fuck around with it out of curiosity and doubled the dosage.

Evidently slowly laddering the dosage up prevents alot of the issues I experienced, I knew this but got overconfident and paid the price.

Its also very cheap, combats tren insomnia, as you said boosts GH, is readily available, is a more effective means of combating prolactin than caber, and does not have any of the unpleasant heart problems that caber does. And dosed correctly is used clinically to correct loss of sex drive.

And its available as a research chem, caber is not (realistically)

From almost all perspectives its superior to caber for our purposes, we just need to use it correctly.


Mmmm, interesting. Might have to give it another shot when i hit the tren.


Dopamine rebound. Same thing happens on GHB. It's a bitch.



I'm interested to see how this works out for some of the people running tren. I am gonna jump back on tren this summer (but this time try high tren with low test and mast)...I definitely needed caber when i ran tren before so I might have a look at this as an alternative.


Ill post in this thread as I finish my cycle and PCT.

Have been quite happy with it thus far, no prolactin issues to speak of, and noticeably improved mood.


So how come it puts you to sleep in the first place? If it is a dopamine agonist? Any idea?

And wouldn't the rebound be equally, if not more brutal on tren if one was susceptible to it (like me)? As in, it might knock me out at midnight, but full on awake aby 3-4am.. that would suck.


Ive never had a problem, I wake up in the morning feeling rested, I get up to piss at night and fall right back asleep...

Haven't had any problems waking and not being able to sleep agian, if anything its hard to get up in the middle of the night to piss.



I guess people's responses are individuated.

I have to say, i took your advice and added the prami to counter the insomnia inducement per Trenbolone Acetate.


Same shit.

I'm probably never gonna take prami again. I HATE IT.

Firstly, again, its libido effects proved negligible to me, as compared to cabergoline.

Secondly, it continues to fuck mysleep.

I'd take 0.5mg before bed, around 10pm, and around 2-3pm i'd get the dopamine rebound - and can not sleep for the life in me.

I'd take 0.25mg in the morning then 0.25mg and i'd spend the WHOLE DAY barely able to keep my eyes open, then at night i'd be FULL AWAKE all night until 6am or whenever and not sleep at all.

Horrible stuff for me, i'm afraid.

Funny thing, i had an operation on monday and the guy was trying to sedate me - well "half" sedate me, and i was fresh, vivid, awake and lucid THE ENTIRE TIME of my operation.

I was joking around and chatting to the doctors while they were cutting my cock open. I was all like "wow, i bet THAT's gonna hurt in the morning!" with laughter all around.

The doctor said he couldn't sedate me because i was probably too nervous and my adrenaline was all too high, and he didn't want to give me anymore otherwise itd take mne too long to wake up after the operation.

I should have told him my DOPAMINE is jacked SO HIGHT, that'll it'll take great big elephant sized quantities of morphine to put me out lol

Though i have found a new found love of opiates due to my surgical experience this week.

OMG - Tramadol! What a beautiful drug! And fuck me did i get PROPER opiate withdrawal symptoms two days ago, like shivers and fever and everything :-/


How did I miss this thread back in April? Nice info WF I was looking into prami as its so much cheaper than caber. However, I think I'll just stick with the caber based on your comments and the fact that I got my order doubled for free.


Just a little update for this old thread.

Beware of higher dosages with this drug.

.5mg/day for maybe 15 weeks didnt hurt me too bad coming off, but I certainly had a time period where I was just "sad". No real reason, just weepy and sad. Energy and motivation and all was ok, just coulden't really get very happy, to the point where people started to notice, normally I can hide my cycle related mood fluctuations, but found it impossible.

Ive come off of dopamine agonists before and I know the drill, usually I cover the symptoms with a little tobacco (Dip) and a little weed from time to time if I really feel the need to.

But this felt different than I was accustomed to, certainly I could deal with it, but if I were an unstable individual or didnt have experience in this area it could have been a bad situation given the right things going wrong.

I see no reason to ever dose this drug over .5mg/day, it is VERY strong, and that dose is plenty for me on even 750mg/week of tren, which is by all accounts a high side dosage for anyone.

Ive read accounts of guys going into the 2-3mg/day range and finding withdrawl to be incredibly brutal or impossible to deal with.

Not a drug to play with, very effective, but certainly one to keep an eye on.

No long term issues to report, Ive started another cycle since also using prami. This run feels fairly standard and identical to the last.

No real issues or problems to report, the ability of the stuff to knock you out hard seems to diminish a bit with usage, if I take stims too late in the day Im finding I have to throw a little benydryll on top of the prami for that blissful sleep, but nothing eventful.



have you tried Ropinirole? It's also a non-ergo dopamine agonsit. I can deal better with this.


Furious, what is the idea behind lower test and higher tren??? I still can't grasp it. I thought more test would be better for libido. Will you please explain, Ive asked this question in a few threads with no answer. March 2011 I was planning on a 1000mg test prop, 400mg tren, 50mg dbol first 4 weeks. entire cycleis a quickie, 8 weeks max! every day injects due to prop, tren will be E ester. dbol to put the wheels in motion.

p p p p please chime in on ratio test vs tren


I dont think the test to tren ratio has anything to do with it. Again this is just anecdotal, but heres my thoughts.

I think simply that most guys are very familiar with the standard test/deca/dbol bulking cycle.

They run a gram of test, about 750mg of deca and 350mg of dbol and all is well, they total about 2 grams of androgens and feel great and grow nicely.

So they assume, hey I can handle 2 grams, no worries, I do it all the time.

And then they want to play with tren, so they just sub the tren for the deca mg for mg.

But in reality tren is extremely potent and 750mg tren =/= 750mg of deca in terms of affects or side effects.

They are still running 2 grams of androgens but shit hits the fan till they drop the test or the tren down to down to say 300-350mg/week.

Is it really the test to tren ratio ? Or is it simply removing 700mg/week of androgens ?

Lets say tren is twice as potent mg per mg for ease of my demonstrating example in reality its likely more potent.....So a direct swap is ill advised, as now they are running the rough equivilant of almost 3 grams a week of more traditional androgens they are more accustomed to.

Understandably this is a huge jump and is alot to handle for the normal user.

I personally have minimal issues with a gram of test and 800 mg of tren with 350mg of dbol/week.

But had I tried to immediately jump on that as a less experienced user I would have shit fucked myself.

And certainly there are guys, even many that post on this board that can handle these dosages, old dogs like Morepain for example can probably run crazy dosages without getting their shit kicked in.

its all about experience, and what your body can genetically handle. I know my upper limits, I suggest slow and moderate exploration of those limits to avoid any messy problems.

In conclusion:

I recommend most people start slow with 500mg/test and some dbol maybe 30mg/day for your first cycle.

Then bump the test to say 750mg/week bump the dbol to 40-50mg/day and add in another anabolic, say deca or mast or bold or something of that nature at 350-400mg/week.

Then keep bumping the dosages till you can easily run a gram of test and 800 or so mg of the second anabolic and 50mg/day dbol.

Then add tren in at 350-400mg/week with a gram of test and the dbol.

Then on the next cycle bump the tren to say 750-800mg/week and see how you do. If its too much, Id rather scale back the tren than the test, drop to say 600 for a few weeks see if you improve, then when you do slowly add it back in, 650, 700, 800.

Just slowly trial and error your cycles, reduce when you need to. Play it smart. I see people running 3 grams in their 3rd cycle with 3 injectables and 2 different orals and think wtf, I ran just test cycles at a gram for the longest time and did just dandy.

People are pushing the limits too fast and fucking up.


Very interesting post, Westclock.


Amazing post. thanks westclock