PRAL chart

Does anyone know where I can find a PRAL (potential renal acid load) chart for a large number of foods? So far I have found charts with around 100 foods but that is not enough. For example, tuna and many other fish were not on there.


Hi, dadean. Ask, and ye shall recive. Säure-Basen-Forum - Säure-Basen-Forum. (grin)


Tampa Terry,

Thank you very much for the response but that is the chart that I found before and had been using. The only problem I have with it is the lack of many oils that I use and the lack of tuna (I tried to find PRAL for tuna somewhere else but I couldn’t).
Thanks for the response though :).

That’s a shame, dadean. Sorry it’s not an all-inclusive list.

There is a forum, there, though. Have you thought of registering and posting your question?

JB might have an additional source of PRAL values, though in his article, I see he used numbers off of a document that’s on that site.

A research librarian might also be of assistance. We have a great library in Tampa. They’re willing to research anything.

If you do find the answer to your question, please drop me a PM. I’m looking long and hard at PRAL values of late.

Thanks, I think I will do that. I will keep you informed.