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Praise to the Heroes of T-Nation

I have been lurking this forum for almost a year. Gathering knowledge and will be deciding on a course soon. With the help of the veterans of this forum I will feel safe in my course of action

I have noticed there are a few outstanding gents who constantly offer solid advice to the novices out here who’re keen to learn. If they werent here, there’d be alot of dudes with DD tits, limp d*cks and all sorts of other health problems.

This is my first post on this forum and its to show some appreciation to these guys.

For any other members who have received ‘make or break’ advice with their cycles /issues bump this thread with their names.

BBB, Bones - fkn bump!

or even just bump this thread to just show some appreciation

BUMP for the excellent posters in this sub-forum, your efforts are appreciated!

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BIGSkwata, an Mr Walkway an TRTb definatly deserve some appreciation

[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
Thanks, it’s certainly nice to be valued.



I’m sure it’s not accurately portrayed over the forums, but I think I speak for everyone when we say you and the ridiculous amount of knowledge you share are seriously appreciated on these boards.

Well, maybe everyone but that lover95 guy. :stuck_out_tongue:


I can vouch for BBB being a hero on T-Nation and in real life :slight_smile:

Bump. Thanks BBB, Bonez, Bill Roberts, and others.

Bump to all those mentioned…except Bonez…he’s a dick, just kidding bro lol