Praise for Biotest

Wow, it’s about 10 am Mountain time. I ordered 3 bottles of the new Methoxy 7 yesterday about Noon and I got them today. How’s that for fast service. I started taking the old Methoxy 7 a few days ago and I’m not afraid to tell you that I like the results I’m getting but the taste, well it looks as if I have a Peter North load under my toungue and after I swallow it I feel a tad nauseous for about 10 minutes. The new Methoxy-7 really does taste great. Well now that I actually look forward to the new Meth 7 dosing, quick question, does it matter if it’s on an empty stomach or what?

In my opinion, no. In fact I did the
blood level testing using “standardized
meals” rather than empty stomach.

The reason you see such frequent reference
to taking on an empty stomach is that
for the purpose of studying a drug, there’s
no way you can get all the people in a clinical
study to eat the same meal. So you will
get variation that you can avoid by having
them all take the drug on an empty stomach.

Most of the time food IMPROVES absorption,
but this, if it varies with different meals,
is not of advantage medically. Instead what
is wanted is consistency.

With supplements though if you get
inconsistent absorption but it’s better,
actually that’s an advantage for you.

Whether absorption with the new Methoxy-7 is better with food
or about the same isn’t known, but I’d just
use the food.

Especially since my overall principle when
it comes to athletic-use supplements is
that the harm done to your program by
going hungry exceeds any possible benefit
from empty-stomach use even in those cases
where the supplement works on an
empty stomach. If you’ve got to go hungry
to use a supplement (e.g. an amino acid
intended to give a drug-like effect) then
forget about it.

Although I entirely agree with what Bill is saying, what about such things as Yohimbe or yohimbine which we are told to take 45mins or so before eating first thing in the morning as insulin interferes with its action? Yes I know that most find yohimbe somewhat ineffective, but is this an exception to the rule? Or would taking yohimbe with a fat and protein meal be best? I would think their would still be an insulin effect, even if a tiny one, from that meal.

Yes, if the purpose is dieting down as
opposed to building muscle, then it
can be a different situation and your
yohimbine example is a model case in point.

I took it after a workout and I got very dizzy for like 5 minutes. Pretty much the way Tim describes his response to Surge. Well, after 5 minutes I was rejuvenated and felt good. Anyone else experience this?

Bill…I’ve been taking the new M-7 for a couple of weeks (great taste) and I already look somewhat harder and leaner. In your opinion, what kind of benefits should I expect from an eight week cycle, considering that my training routine and diet are sound? I’m currently 6’1" @ 210lbs with ~ 16% BF. Look forward to your response.