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Praise Be The Jim, Big Thanks!

It’s time again for a thank you, Jim.

I am now wrapping up my 18th cycle of 531. Yes, that is how much I enjoy your program and principles, and that is how well it has served me so far. Together with starting to eat like a man and making sure I get adequate sleep and recovery, I have reached goals I thought unreachable within the last two years.

If you had asked me not too long ago (by cycle 4 or so), I’d have said that a 310lbs squat is maybe the absolute maximum I would ever achieve in my entire life, given proper training. Well, yesterday I hit 360lbs for a set of 10 reps, and then went on to hit a new PR of 1 x 420lbs. Weights I used to get nervous about I now hit as light or medium warm up sets.

Progress in the squat has been a dream, a steady incline. I have yet to hit the wall, and I see no signs of that happening any time soon. During the last two years, I have also increased my bench by 80lbs, and my deadlift by 155lbs.

All in all, I am extremely happy and satisfied with what you have gifted the strength community with, and I thought I should let you know.



Nice work mate whats your bw?

Has been between 200lbs and 220lbs. So barely just made it to double bw squat. Good times! :smiley: