Praise and hate

First off, great issue (as always). I especially liked Coach Davies’ article on two squats, hack and front. Also like (as this is no suprise) the Dave Draper reference. I just picked up his book this week (and he was here in manhattan, but I didn’t get to meet him). Good book, well written. Sorry, Coach, this was a compliment to you :). Got me psyched, front squats, here I come tomorrow! Now the hate award has to go to Ron Harris. Not only does he get to interview porn stars, but he gets to hang with really dope fitness models who have really good plastic surgeons. I hate Ron, I hate Ron, I hate… Ron.

So are there 3 different kinds of hack squats now? The ones on the machine, the ones where a board is put under the heels & those reverse deadlifts ones in the article?

I think the board is justfor stability, like when people do regular squats witha board. Not a new exercise, just an adjustment. Actually, these are the hack squats I used to do. I was shocked when I first heard that the machine thingy (the scientific name) was called a hack squat.

Yeah Coach Davies article was good. “Real”
hack squats are an awesome excercise. I
actually started doing hack squats before I
ever started doing back squats because they
felt so much more natural to me. Funny,
I’ve been doing hack squats for a long long
time, and whenever I do them I always get
the weird looks like people have never seen
it before. I actually once had someone ask me
if that was how retards do deadlifts. But
anyway, hack squats also work your traps
pretty well.

doesnt Draper still look amazing at 58?

The Forgotten Squats are fucking awesome I did the workout tonight and nothing has made me puke like that since 20 rep Breathing Squats. Coach Davies is God.