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Praetorian Press

Take a normal 45 lb olympic bar and stand it up on end, with your hand gripping the bar at a level that allows your elbow to bend at a 90 degree angle. Then hammercurl the barbell to shoulder height and press it overhead keeping your elbow in.

Nice forearm, bicep and tricep exercise. Can also be done with a lighter weight olympic length bar or E-Z Curl bar. That Olympic bar is Very hard to control. Just made this up.

Been done.

“Nihil novi sub sole.”


Praetorian Press - I really like the sound of that! Where did you come up with that name?

I think a 5’ straight bar would work great. Perhaps a little less awkward than the 7’.

I might just go try this right now.

[quote]Roy wrote:
Been done.[/quote]

I figured it had been done, theres no way someone hadnt came up with that one before. What is it called? And the other reason I made this thread was to see how many people would click on the link just because it said Praetorian Press, which is just the baddest ass name I can think of…

Well at first I was going to post the name praetorian press and just see how many people clicked on the link because of the badass name. Then I was think of a move that could be similar to a Praetorian Guard holding a spear. And the Praetorian Guard was the Imperial Roman Guard assigned to protect the emperor and had other duties in Rome itself…

[quote]TShaw wrote:
“Nihil novi sub sole.”


proximo sed nolo fumigare

There is always something new to be discovered.


[quote]TShaw wrote:

TShaw wrote:
“Nihil novi sub sole.”

Shadowzz4 wrote:
“proximo sed nolo fumigare”


damnit i took latin for 3 years and cant read this, lol…seeit done before pretty har, yet fun

Just registering my appreciation for the spare, Latin interplay. Also, no one’s yelled at anyone on this thread.