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Practicing Yoga for Better Results


Can say if it helps performance per se but I started doing Hot Vinyassa yoga once a week for the past 3 months and definetely am not getting “too” flexible. Don’t notice much difference in that department but its amazingly refreshing on the joints and feels great to sweat it out for an hour.


Off topic slightly. Has anyone tried a lymphatic drainage massage. I had awesome results with this and its like a shortcut to mobility. Basically you get a massage, then wrapped in hot towels, then another massage. For days after you either stink or your pee does, depending on hydration.

My mobility was amazing, had one of the best climbing trips of my life after this. The guy told me I could do with another in two months, thought that was a bit of sales until I found out that he told an acquaintance who does yoga, not to bother coming back for at least a year.


Yoga pretty much saved my entire hips areas from just locking straight up from all the tightness I’ve accrued from injuries and just heavy lifting. Helps soooo much.

If you can stick to a Vinyasa Flow guide, you can activate damn near everything in under 10 mins.


I absolutely love yoga. It’s great for muscle control, breathing, flexibility and mindfulness. One side benefit is it gets me somewhat high. As in, head in the clouds, just got done smoking pot kind of high- it’s weird. A word of caution for powerlifters. You may have to change your squat stance after practicing yoga. I had to narrow my stance some and change a few things to accommodate the increased flexibility.


This is a perfect example of what I was talking about.



I’ve been doing yoga taught by a large brand named CorePower Yoga for the last three months. No idea what kind of yoga it is; but their class is typically hot yoga and very “flowy”.

Anyways, I’m finding it very challenging. My hip is apparently a mess, and so flowing through the one-legged stuff or all the various lunge movements are difficult. The same is true with all of the movements that I can best generally describe as plank-related. Holding the movement itself is not hard, but flowing from a plank to a plank where you move your leg into interesting angles, etc, is not easy.

I enjoy it, and I think it’s definitely helping me find better movement and flexibility. I wish I’ve started a year ago when my brother first told me about it.