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Practicing Olympic Lifts Every Day?

My take on this, is it would be ok to train light snatches, cleans, jerks or variations everyday?? Would anyone recommend doing this so I can be more “efficient” with the lifts or will it be too much out of me recovery wise??

I am following 531, only doing the main lift and the rest is oly lifts, which has been working well for me. On rest days I work on mobility. Would adding light snatches or speed/technical focus be beneficial or would this hinder me?


Scott, technique work is best done with 80-90%. Reps should be 1-3. You want a weight heavy enough to force you to use good technique (i.e., if your technique is off you’ll miss the lift), but not so heavy that it leads to breakdowns in technique and positions. Regarding reps, you’re practicing a skill, so you don’t want to make it about endurance, especially as the name of the game is to lift a heavy weight, one time. Personally, I prefer singles, may a few doubles, for the lifts.

With beginners, they are typically stronger than their one rep max would indicate, so practicing with an 80% weight is not excessively taxing and can be done more often.