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Practicing Lifts Frequently

Hi CT,

Before I ask my question, I would like to thank you for your previous advice in which you advised me to use an “easy strength approach” with my front squats. I was able to increase my front squat from 140kg to 152.5kg in 7 weeks.

I recently noticed that you have been talking about limiting the number of training sessions or volume per week to allow optimal progress. I have been using a upper/lower body split in which I train 4 times per week. On my off days however, I still go to the gym to perform shoulder mobility/strengthening exercises (I have had 2 shoulder surgeries within the last 4 years from playing rugby). I noticed that you said that you said that while olympic lifters have many training sessions per week, many of these sessions are technique based. What would you think of practicing about 2 lifts at a low intensity/volume on off days just to practice the form and “grease the groove”? If so, what general parameters would you recommend to practice form while not hindering recovery?

Once again thank you for sharing your wisdom!

I have a question about training frequency that may be related. Don’t want to raid this thread, but maybe I don’t need to open a new one.

I’d like to know how often one should train the same movement or muscle group. Most of your Power Building Programs (e.g. 915, Powerlook, the 4 Day Powerbuilding Template) are based on training each body part and exercise once per week.

Is this in your opinion optimal for size and strength gains? What do you think about incorporating training a movement with heavy loads and high intensity on one day and with lower weight but more volume on a second day?

Thanks in advance. If the questions cannot be answered on one thread, I’ll be happy to open a new one.