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practical query

I am in the middle of a one dose/day Mag-10 cycle and need to know what the effect of a night of drinking might do. Everything has been meticulously planned and executed thus far and I’m looking not to screw it up. I remember this bring addressed in the forum before but I haven’t been able to get anything from the forum engine in 2 days. If someone remembers or knows it would be much appreciated.

What are your priorities?

If you’re doing a half-assed cycle, go ahead and drink.

If not, then save the rest of the Mag-10 for a time you can commit to a full on cycle.

If you can’t go two weeks without drinking heavy, then you’re probably not making great gains anyway.

If you’re not looking to screw things up, stay away from the drink. Think of it this way: after your cycle you find that you didn’t make the progress that you had hoped to. Perhaps you’ll be able to trace your problems back to that one night of drinking- poor sleep, missed meals, missed workout the next day etc. How will you feel if that is indeed what happens? If you can handle the risk, go for it. If not, wait. I’m surprised you’d be considering doing this.