Practical Core Training

I need an advanced core training workout for Jeet Kune Do/ Kickboxing and I was hoping to get some advice. Aesthetically, I’m pretty happy where my abdomen is (although my abs could be bigger) but I want to be sure I’m training my core for practicality and strength. I mix up my workout often but this is what it looks like right now:

Swiss-Ball Plank: 60 seconds
Oblique Plank: 60 seconds (each side)
Weighted Negative Sit-Up Twist (10 Lbs): 3 x 6 reps (at bottom of movement twist L & R four times)
Weighted Swiss-Ball Crunch (10 Lbs): 3 x 12 reps
Swiss-Ball Knee-Tuck: 3 x 8 reps

Thanks for any help.

Check through Waterbury’s articles in the authors section. He wrote something about two years ago on training the abs for impact.

I would add in some rotational type of movements as well. Something like woodchops with a cable or medicine ball. If you want pm or email me and I’ll send you a video of the exercise.

Bar above head and walk. one handed farmers. Etc. Load the bar unbalanced and walk it will stress one side over the other same with farmers. One db over head on like a suit case.

Dan Johns Carried Away DVD would be a great choice.