PR With Sore Back

It’s weird.

I went to sleep last night feeling 100%. Woke up mid night and my lower right back was sore, I tweaked it a few weeks ago doing front squats but it’s been fine lately. When I woke up this morning it still hurt, and I was pissed as I wanted to to deads today.

So I go to the gym, stretch and it feels ok, start my warm up for deads and it’s all good, and next thing you know I pull a new PR (415lbs) at the end of my dead session. Did the rest of my workout and felt fine. Now, 3 hours later it’s still a little sore. Weird.

Been doing rack pulls for that last 8 weeks with 450lbs form the bottom pin, this was only my second dead workout since switching back so I’m hoping my 1 real 1 rep max is going to be in the 435ish range, nice to see a bit of a carry over.

I pulled into the Super Walmart after the gym to reward myself with a pound of brisket, some baked beans and other BBQ treats from the the trailer in the parking lot…boy was I pissed that they didn’t open for another 2 hours! Oh well, 3 hamburgers, a turkey wrap, 1/2 can of corn beef hash, some natty pb and 1/2 a bag of spinach and I’m happy.

It’s been a while since I’ve been on here…the other sections have gone downhill…

Its normal sometimes to get sore back however don’t go overboard till you feel pain.