PR thread

I though that with all the big lifts in the arnold it would be interesting to hear some of everyones newest pr’s.

I’ll start
a close grip bench of 235

8 Dead hang Pullups
335X3 Incline Bench

3 Board Press
3 Reps 425 lbs.

Chain Supported Good Morning
3 Reps 315 lbs.

6 dead hang pulls ups with a 65 pounder attached.

405 for a triple in deadlifts

recently hit a…460 pound 2 board…and on dyanmic squat day hit a box squat with 705 pounds at top with bands for a easy double…bm

dl 353 for triple
flat bench press 265 single
squat 225 8 reps (not doing them heavy… for now)

hey im 170 so im happy with my pr’s lol

425 dl @ 175bw

Weighted dips @ 70lbs x 4
Squat 225 x 4
156lbs, 7% bf, 5’8"

Won’t be maxing any lifts for 4 more weeks, but 5 weeks into Westside, I did a wide stance good morning double @325. Before I couldn’t move more than 250 wide for a single.

Deadlift with belt.
2 sets of 5 with 425 @ 162.2.

I will be lifting at the USAPL Texas State in May in my new weight class of 165.


300lb squat 3x 250 bench @180 19y/o, will know deadlift soon. My lifts are starting to increase now. I am not a powerlifter obvously but have been doing pendulum powerlifting. It has worked well so far.

545 lb deadlift today with straps

Nice one lumberjak…

I redid my 1RM’s this past week.

Squat 200kg/440lbs
Bench 140kg/308lbs - hurt my bicep - wanted to go for 180kg/396lbs
Deadlift 200kg/440lbs


Just did bench tonight for 130kg (286lb) with my weaker wide grip (should be good for 140kg with normal grip). This was 110kg 5weeks ago thanks to errr…creatine

135 lbs + bodyweight 2sets of 5
dl 455x3 @ 200lbs
bp 310x3 @same

220x5 2 sets bench press today

215x12 squats yesterday

Body weight 155

Lumburjak: That is Sweet-Ass!!! Good job, man!

As for myself, did my first ME squat day on the Westside program last night, 315 lb good morning for a double! (good for me)

Low pulley standing LFlyes on Free Motion cable machine

20lbs x15 and 25x8 up from 20x3

WOOT stronger cuffs! :slight_smile:

Steele, I outdid you by 10 lbs. I thought you were the strong one hehe

Sure, I bench like a girl guide, but that’s beside the point.


LOL! I noticed your numbers earlier and was trying to chase you. And dammit! I fell short. Unfortunately I’ve only ever done GM’s two or three times before, about three and a half years ago. But don’t fear, I’ll catch up soon. :slight_smile:

I think that after Saturday, we’ll have to hook up for a squat day as well. That’s where I need the most help.