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PR Squat Form Check


So I finally started focusing on my squat and have brought my squat back within 150 lbs of my deadlift. I did it using a conjugate method but using the competition squat at soft 5RM, 5 RM, soft 3 RM, 3 RM, and 1 RM. Still pretty weak numbers though so here they are at 365 and 385




I only looked at the first video because the sideways angle threw me off, but the first one looked fine...nothing major to criticize.


Both reps looked good, I dont know what its like squatting in those shoes but judging from your stance maybe consider getting some wrestling shoes or chucks. Both are pretty cheap, around $45-60 depending.


Squat looked OK. I'd try to get set better before you back out so you can get in a habit of just backing out and being pretty close to being set. Try not to pop up where you bring your heels off the ground.


Well those shoes are actually pretty flat. I think there's like a 2 cm heel but not much. I've actually got
Some wrestling shoes so I might see if they're different but the minimus are pretty good. Much better than what I used to squat in at least.

I've been trying to work on my set up better but I find I always have my right foot behind my left if I don't take extra time to set up or glance down at my feet. Just something I have to work on.

What do y'all think about depth? I know it's really difficult to tell with the spot pin in the way. Whenever you get judged in the meet will they usually go off of the top of your quad? I know the top of my quad was above the spot pin


Depth looked fine, they generally judge from the hip crease..So if you look at BRM's avatar photo you can see how basically the bottom of his butt is below his knee.


Your heels come up at the top of the rep. Try to get more weight on your heels.