PR Snatch Attempt

See anything I can fix aside from the jumping forward?

Looks like a pretty good PR attempt to me. Just focus on not letting that bar get away from you, keep attacking that weight, and you’ll get it. You’re clearly good for it.

Maybe calm down and stop taking LSD before you lift. You look like your making contact low and swinging the bar.

Try using muscle snatches, they’ll help keep it close and use your hips correctly.

Keeping your weight on your heels longer and keeping the bar tight and close will help keep you from jumping forward.

Like Swole said, you do an awful lot of amping up too. I find that can work sometimes for clean and jerks but generally for snatch I need to be a little less uppity or else I start throwing it all over the place. Position and precision.

Thanks for the tips guys. I have had lots of people tell me to stop with the pre-lift ritual, I am a former powerlifter so the whole amp up thing is hard to get away from. I have actually toned it down alot. It is pretty amazing to me to see lifters throw around the weights they do while looking so calm beforehand.

getting jacked before is not a bad thing as long as your positions don’t go to shit. But overall get on your heels on that second pull and have you ever heard of sweeping the bar? Check out Don teaches sweeping the bar and it works like a charm to help your bar placement.

This sweeping the bar business, it seems when people are told to do that they seem to just use their arms to bang the bar off their hipss/thighs.

OP I just noticed your back is rounding when you pull so its very hard to use your hips when you do that, its even hard just to get it to your hips. You seem to suddenly jerk it off the floor and lose all your postions.

From my eye, I see your hips rise faster than your shoulders, which leaves the bar in front of you and pulls you onto your toes. this causes you to bang the bar forward, jump forward and miss the lift.

[quote]TheJonty wrote:
Keeping your weight on your heels longer and keeping the bar tight and close will help keep you from jumping forward.


If you didn’t jump forwards the bar would be even further in front.

Stay on your heels and pull the bar up and pull yourself under. YOU SHOULD NOT NEED TO JUMP FORWARDS if you pull the bar up and you go down properly. If you don’t finish properly the bar will be in front = bad.

Stay more on your heels as you drive up in the 2nd pull.

Do do all of the above properly will need to drop to at least 85-90-95kg for doubles and singles for a decent amount of time to really work it out properly. You can’t do the above at limit weights if at the 85-95kg you are already jumping forwards.

You are nearly there.