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PR Sets on FSL to PR Sets SSL with Same TM

I’ve been able to do 10 reps on all my pr sets on my fsl program, an then able to do either my widowmaker set or my 5x5 sets, I was wondering if I kept my same TM and do another cycle but ssl would be beneficial instead of bumping up my TM? any insight on this subject would be appreciated, thank you.

Is there a particular reason why you’re considering doing this?

Yeah somewhat, I know for me a single cycle isn’t enough for me to jump up my TM, for me it’s for the long haul so no real rush, I just want to be fully confident at my current TM before moving up, that’s why I was curious if anyone has done it, maybe they have some insight on their progress made/lost.

I have no personal experience with this, but increasing your TM only every 2nd cycle would be fine.

Jim mentioned doing something like this with some of his athletes, or beginners, or female lifters. I can’t remember.

Just make sure you are following some kind of consistent rate of progression. Every second cycle for example. Don’t just stick to one TM until you feel “ready”. Many people stop making progress because they just stick at one weight forever, waiting to get stronger before they add plates. At some point you need to put the target a little bit out of reach and demand your body grow to meet the demand.


Awesome advice, thank you, I really just don’t want to get ahead of myself, I’ve been lifting for around 10 years now and ALWAYS end up with some sort of injury and I feel it has to do with 2 things

  1. My form is crap at heavier weight on DL and squat
  2. I’m always rushing to get stronger.

I just wanted to take a different approach and see how it works out. Either way I appreciate your input and wo t get stagnant, I love to push myself, im just tired of getting injured.

I think Forever has some good notes on form. Furthermore, if you analyse how your form breaks down that’s an indication of where you are weak. To reduce risk of injury I like making things that are weak strong. Sometimes, something else will be shown to be weak. Repeat the process.

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I have forever I should read it more thoroughly and take notes on that. Thanks for your insight its much appreciated.

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Final three paragraphs of principle four is what I had in mind, just to point you to something.

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Yes most questions about 531 are found in Forever.

It’s just so scattered that sometimes you need to research that book to find what you needed.

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Sounds like you’re heading towards a leader/anchor template. I’ve done this once and it worked great, so I’m doing it again. One thing I realised was that doing 5 pros did not slow down my progress but slowed down the testing of the progress. It was worrying to not test for 8 weeks, but when I did it became clear that testing was not training.

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