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PR Set, 5x5 FSL with SST as Assistance

I have pretty limited equipment these days. I have my eye on the PR set with 5x5 FSL template from beyond. Just looking for slow steady gains and quality exposure to the main lifts because I have a meet in a few months. Since I only have a barbell and squat rack I was considering using the SST template as assistance. I get that these are considered supplemental which is why I’m asking if this is okay.

Squat 5/3/1+, 5x5 FSL, Good Morning SST.
Bench 5/3/1+, 5x5 FSL, Incline Press SST (Superset Chins)
Deadlift 5/3/1+, 5x5 FSL, Front Squat SST
Press 5/3/1+, 5x5 FSL, CGBP SST (Superset Chins)

Conditioning is all Airdyne 4x week, never to the point that I’m out of breath or anything stupid like that.

I appreciate any input thank you.

Edit: I appreciate the input everyone. After hitting my deadlift PR set and 5x5 FSL I really wasn’t into the idea of front squatting. I think I’m going to pursue the assistance Wendler prescribes for PR set with 5x5 FSL in Forever because Wendler is smarter than me. Thanks again everyone

Are you planning to establish a TM for the SST movements? If so this actually looks like a pretty good way to do it without turning the supplemental movements into max effort movements.

The SST actually has you set up tm for it just like the main movements. The % are lower but I believe it’s set up that way since you should be more fatigued after the main work.

If I go through with it yes I’ll be establishing a TM for each supplemental lift and then using 90% of it to calculate the sets and reps.

Yeah I’d definitely establish a TM and use 90% if I were to do this. I don’t want it to take away from the quality of my main lifts.

looks fine,

I’d add in some back work like rows somewhere and/or some rear delt moves or your shoulders could get pretty pissed off

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Yeah the forever version of this still has the accessory work in it. Face pulls, triceps, ab work, rows etc