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PR Raw Squat


I hit a PR squat the other night, 510 in just a belt. Hopefully this will set me up well for a big squat at USAPL Nationals. Just wanted to share with a group that would understand (and hopefully this youtube thing will work).


Very Nice!! What weight class?


Well done.

As much as I hate internet judging...you need to sink that another 1-2" for most USAPL judges to give you a white light, so keep that in mind when selecting your attempts.


yeah, it was close. beings as he is competing in USAPL nationals i wouldnt sweat too much cause to be eligible he had to post a qualifying total so he isnt a total stranger to squat depth


Thanks guys. I'm in the 242 weight class. You're right, it looks close. I think camera angle had something to do with that, as do my shorts. Even that said, it still looks a bit high to me. Oh well. In nearly ten years of competing I've never missed a squat for depth (I've missed a lot of squats, just not reds on depth) so I think I'll be okay.


nice lift.