PR Motivation

I want to preface this by saying I’m not a runner and I hate running with my whole body, even my pee pee.

Tonight I ran about 4 miles, in preparation for a 5K. In early September I couldn’t match the pace I set today for a single mile.

I ran my first 5K (actually I think the course was a little short) on Oct. 1 and finished 28:10. Horrible. Today I did 4 miles in a hair over 8:00 pace.

Sunday I run my 5K, shooting for a PR of 24:00. Friday I will attempt to pull 405 for a new deadlift PR as well.

Between Hoglover’s triathlon pics, DJ’s comment on Prime Time a while back that athletes should be able to run 5K’s if pressed and my speedy runner roomate, I have all kinds of motivation for the run. I hope to have affirmatives for both my goals for y’all Sunday night…

Well folks, I pulled 405 today for a new personal best, however my enthusiasm is a little dulled because I had to pull it with a mixed grip instead of double overhand. I can only manage about 365 with the double overhand. Oh, well, just another goal to shoot for.

One down, one to go for this week…

congrats! that is great! :slight_smile:

[quote]Adamsson wrote:
congrats! that is great! :)[/quote]

I appreciate the praise, but I’m really trying to catch twice my bodyweight. Right now that means pulling 450. 405 puts me at about 180 percent so I’m not too far off.

Thanks again, hope I have equal success at the run…

Well, I finished the run with a time of 26:50. Definitely not where I wanted to be, but I’m improving. I’ve got another 5K in a couple weeks, so I can make another go at 24:00.