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PR Challenges?

Hey everyone, I wanted to start doing some form of general fitness challenge like once a month to see how im improving. I dont have a sport, and basically just train with weights and do a little HIIT on the bike so I was trying to decide what my “event” might be. I want it to be something that equally challenges strength, endurance and cardiovascular fitness.

Does anyone do anything like this?

I was thinking of just making it simple and doing:

Pushup - max reps in 3:00
Pullup - max reps in 3:00

Squat - max reps in 3:00

What do you guys think, anything else you might do?

The following are some ideas:

…These are some crossfit wods

5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 bw squats

x as many rounds as possible in 20 min.

100 pull ups
100 push ups
100 bw squats
100 sit ups

for time

…Depending on strength levels, an EDT session of weighted back squats at a multiple of your bw and pull ups for 15 minutes.

Ya, I was looking on crossfit for some ideas, but I want to keep these pretty short.

I was going to do something like a 400m or 800m run for lower body, but the weather is going to start getting bad so indoor workouts would likely be the best bet.

I was going to do EDT type stuff, but my workouts are going to already have EDT and I wanted to make this something fairly different than my training. Although a short 5-minute PR zone might be what im going for.

I’ll keep looking, I think rosstraining.com had something similar.