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PR, AMRAP, TM - How to Keep Track?


Hoping this hasn’t been asked before but experience tells me it probably has. How do you guys track PRs?

I know that each time I do a PR set it becomes a PR because it’s basically the first time doing those reps at that weight. But, after a deload and a reset, you might be doing those reps and that weight and that seems like it would be a lot of numbers to keep track of to measure improvement.

So, do you then use the PR set to calculate a TM and compare that to past TM to measure improvement?

I would appreciate any advice.



I printed a table that has each lift at the top and rep numbers down the side (1-10 on the front, 11-20 on the back). Now when I have a PR set I’ll check to see if I’ve hit that weight before and for how many reps, or if I’ve hit less weight but could match those reps with this new heavier weight.


I use an excel sheet for my workouts. As I lift, I track the lifts using Gym Hero on my phone. Later, I enter the reps into the excel sheet. I have a PR sheet (similar to what’s described above) and each week is its own sheet. I have it set up to automatically calculate the weight based on percentage and, for the PR set, it automatically searches the PR sheet, finds the weight, and return the number my PR for that weight.

I’m a bit of a nerd, so I know some basic Excel coding and I enjoy that kind of problem solving.


I use a pen and write in a book. That way I can leave my phone in the locker, otherwise I get interrupted all too often and loose my focus. And besides, there is something about ink on paper.
It’s also fun to do the maths without the phone. Some training for the mind as well.
I keep the rep PRs in the beginning of the notebook, and the calculated maxes towards the end.


I translate to a 1RM and keep track that way. Works well enough.

As an older bugger, I don’t recalculate the TM as it catches up quickly and is a nice way to automate some volume or speed work.


I thought you’re meant to add up to 10 lbs to your TM for squat and DL and up to 5 lbs for press and bench every four weeks? That’s what the book says. You use that to calculate your percentages for working sets.