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PPWO Meal Timing


Hi all. I have been trying to perfect the pre, post, and PPWO nutrition. I have come very close, having found a very good setup for meal contents and quantities, The one thing which is still a bit up in the air is timing, in particular for the PPWO meal.

I have my preworkout about 45-60 minutes prior to working out. PWO shake is then had right after (contains 60g carbs and 30g protein). I have done some in-depth research on the topic of PPWO timing as I never paid much attention to it, and have seen two main lines of thought: one is to have the PPWO meal around 45-60 minutes after, and the other is to have it 1.5-2 hours after the PWO shake. Any opinions/advice?



Depending on the ingredients of your post shake, it is usually digested relatively fast. 30-45 min is what I would advise and is generally recommended.

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Hi There. PWO is a mixture of oats, dextrose, whey and fruit.



Post workout just have the dextrose and whey mixed and thrown down. These 2 ingredients will most effectively replenish your body and will give you the best results in my opinion. The oats and fruit in your post shake are really only going to slow things down more. Save them for your solid food meal 30-45min after the shake.

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Great advice by Dezz.
I agree have the whey and dex then 45-60 later a big ole meal of P+C and even a little healthy F.