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Hi everyone, I came to this website to learn about exercising because I have been lifting off an on for the last two years and I always felt that I was doing something wrong. I discovered after coming to T-Nation I knew nothing about lifting. After learning about the difference between compound and isolation and all that good stuff I finally feel like I have an understanding of the lifting world!


MWF - College(9-2 in the morning)
MWF - After school, the lifting program
TT - Work
MTT - Jiu Jitsu and MMA (7-9 at night)

I am pretty busy.

The program that I am doing is called “Practical Programming Novice Program.” I came across this when I was recommended Mark Rippetoe’s “Starting Strength.” It is on the SS Wiki page and says that it is a program by Mark Rippetoe. The reason I have chosen this program over the original SS program is because SS calls for Power Cleans which I can’t do, do to my gym itself.

Here is the Program if you are unfamiliar with it.

Practical Programming Novice Program

3x5 Squat
3x5 Bench press / Press (Alternating)
Chin-ups: 3 sets to failure or add weight if completing more than 15 reps

3x5 Squat
3x5 Press / Bench Press (Alternating)
1x5 Deadlift

3x5 Squat
3x5 Bench Press / Press (Alternating)
Pull-ups: 3 sets to failure or add weight if completing more than 15 reps

I started this workout yesterday and I loved it. It seems to hit the whole body and it’s a quick day at the gym which I like.

Yesterday was day 1 and these were my stats. (Don’t Laugh)

Squats(3x5)- 95lbs
Bench Press(3x5) - 95lbs
Chin-ups(3xFailure) - 8/4/4

I am pretty weak but that’s why I came here! If you see anything wrong or have any suggestions please say something!
Thank you.

You picked a good program. I used starting strength along with a decent diet and I had great results from it.

What’s the diet like?

Sorry I have been busy!

But anyway, I started on Monday and missed Wednesdays workout so I had to do it on Friday. Now do I do the third workout on Monday then the first on Wednesday or should I just do it the regular way?

Last Workout

Squats(3x5) - 105lbs (10lb increase)
Overhead Press(3x5) - 65lbs :frowning:
Deadlift(1x5) - 115lbs

The overhead press is extremely hard and it is definitely what I am the weakest at.

The deadlift is my highest because I couldn’t even grab the bar with tens on each side so I had to put 35’s on each side but I did it relatively easy. I felt like I could do more sets and I am not really feeling anything in my back today.

As for my diet it kind of sucks. If I want to eat healthy I have to buy my own groceries which is kind of expensive. After I get done lifting I drink a protein shake with 1% organic milk. Then I will eat a peanut butter sandwich. The peanut butter is organic I believe. It’s that Crazy Richards brand and the bread is Arnold’s wheat bread and it is high in fiber and grain and all that good stuff. When I am not drinking milk I usually drink water. The only other time I eat good is at work. I eat salad on the days I am going to lift and the days after I lift I usually get grilled chicken on wheat bread and a side of two over easy eggs. I really need to start eating better at home and get more food. Any suggestions on my diet. I know it sucks. Any good and inexpensive brands I should look for or food in general I should get. I am 19 so I am not the most well educated when it comes time to food shopping.

Thank You.

You need around 2700-3000 calories a day for a bulk. Your weight is pretty low so you can dirty bulk or clean bulk.

Personally, I would go ahead and opt for a clean bulk. Setting up a diet and sticking to it is, in my opinion, the hardest part of a physique transformation. If you can set one up now while you’re still new to lifting, planning future bulks and cuts won’t be so agonizing.

If you want to clean bulk…

3000 calories
30% fat
40% carbs
30% protein

This translates to a daily value of

100g fat
300g carbs
225g protein

Again, this is by far the hardest part but once you have it down, making physical changes is quite a bit easier.

Here is my current bulking diet (adjust your macros accordingly)

whole eggs
brown rice/oats/potatoes

Berry shake consisting of
frozen strawberries
2% milk
protein powder
danon light n fit strawberry yogurt

PWO shake

brown rice/oatmeal/potatoes
Chicken breast
olive oil

natty pb
protein and water

low fat cottage cheese

This diet will do wonders compared to a shitty dirty bulk diet.

EDIT: apparently can’t use a calculator. 130g of fat was changed to 100g of fat.

Actually, now that I think about it, you probably won’t need something like this right off the bat. For whatever reason, I was thinking this wasn’t your first time into lifting weights.

You’re going to get stronger and a little bigger if you just ate salad and snickers all day. Just shoot for 100g of protein a day and when that stops working, you can start to manipulate your diet to your needs.

Alright man cool thanks a lot! What do you think I should do about the whole missing the day thing?

Up to you man. Doing it this one time won’t really lead to any kind of loss. Do what you feel like doing. Just don’t quit.

Sqaut(3x5) - 115lbs
Overhead Press(3x5) - 75lbs
Deadlift(1x5) - 135lbs

My strongest lift are deadlifts which I don’t understand.

Other than that this program rocks. I feel stronger and bigger already.

O yeah and since I have been eating healthy I have so much gas. I know it’s from the fiber and all that good stuff but does it ever calm down a bit?

Most people can deadlift more than they can squat. You’re not weird.

As far as the gas goes, it depends. I know since I started my bulk its been non-stop haha.

Where the hell you at man? Don’t quit on me.


Squat(3x5) - 1251bs
Bench(3x5) - 125lbs
Pull ups - 5/5/5

I feel great with this program. I finally feel like I am actually lifting correctly!

Now that I am getting closer to my body weight (135) the lifts are getting way harder and I am kind of nervous I am not going to progress much more.

Also I told my friend about this routine and how I squat 3 days a week and he started going off saying “have fun being crippled when your older, squats destroy your joints.”

Whatever, I love this routine!

Ignorance is bliss. If people can squat 1300lbs, I think you’ll be alright squatting the weight you’re doing 3x’s a week.