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PPL vs. Upper/Lower

Hey Paul,

Wondered what your recommendation would be if training 3 days a week - PPL or an upper/lower split?

Reading your PPL article, you note that 3 days a week is good for strength athletes, which I wouldn’t describe myself as, and that hypertrophy gains would require “high”(er) volume due to low frequency.

An upper/lower would allow for slightly more frequency - muscles get worked 3 times in 2 weeks rather than 2 times…leaning towards this option but I just wanted your opinion.

Training has been sporadic up until the past couple weeks, but have been doing your 8-12-8 method, using mostly the same movements you listed in the article. Would like some size and strength gains, no particular interest in either, just want to be overall better. I’m young and inexperienced so I feel that’s reasonable.


Upper/Lower or the Push/Pull/Legs.

Both are fine and I’ve found that since it’s just three days a week I recover well on both.

With the upper/lower you’ll hit one twice a week one week, and once the next, and that’s how I did things with DC training and it worked very well.