PPL Split: Pull/Push/Legs? Deadlift on Pull Day?

Couple dumb questions that I think both will be answered “it doesn’t matter” but I wanted to ask some more well informed people.

  1. I just realized I am doing pull push legs… is there a reason it’s push pull and not pull push?

  2. Could I throw deadlifts on Pull day and do it first? Right now I’m swapping dead’s and squats on leg day, even though I know deadlifts don’t necessarily qualify as a leg exercise.

  1. Sure can
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This makes me very happy

Don’t be ,pretty sure someone will come along and contradict my opinion.


Well just have a good ole fashion pissin contest. Who ever looks bigger and moves more weight is right.

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Eh. Not that worried. I will say I’m perplex at these PPL routines that lack what I would consider a pulling movement be it a Olympic type or dead variation.

I don’t include any Olympic lifts because I don’t really have the mobility to do them. And although I’d love to be able too I’m too lazy to work at it.

I do love deadlifting though. A lot.

Not specifically you. Just saying allot of them I have seen are upper back focused with just allot of rowing.

Agreed. I try and do more than just upper back but I think that’s all I’m doing lol. I do 3 variations of rows right now, bent over barbell, seal row (bar or dB) and low rows on cable machine.

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The reason is mostly push pull legs is because push would usually fall on Monday the international day of the chest!!!

But I do legs push pull.

It splits legs and pull and you’re able to do a good rack pull or something on pull day and leg day doesn’t effect it as bad since you should be fully recovered. This way also allows you to easily add a second pressing day or shoulder specific day/weak point day on Saturday if you’d like.


agreed on the above. i like legs/push/pull/off/repeat.

This gives you a day to let the low back recover from leg day. Deadlift is very taxing, so the next day is an off day.

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Makes a ton of sense. Thanks guys

They actually are.

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I always felt like there were too but I’ve read a lot on here from mart people who say otherwise so I’m split on it.

They involve the quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves. However for bodybuilding purism, I think they’re overrated for focus on any specific muscles for many people (that’s not all, to be precise, considering some consider them and squats exercises that must be done by everyone).

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Yeah dead lifts kinda hit everything. Part of the reason they’re so taxing. Posterior chain tends to get hammered the hardest for me. Quads involved , upper back for stability and keep humerus extended ) glutes, hammies, abs.

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I’m not smart but I view them like brickhead.


I’ve always thought deadlifts to be a push exercise, but I’ve never done PPL so you can totally disregard this comment if you’re already satisfied with what you have.