PPL, Push Days: Alternate Starting with Chest/Shoulders?

Hey there Paul, quick question do you at all alteranate between Chest and shoulders to start your workout when it comes to push day?
Cheers my friend!


I have a way I’ve been doing this for a while where I go back and forth between the chest and shoulder movements WITHIN the session.

So it’s usually…

Chest press -
Isolation Delt 1 -
Chest Isolation -
Isolation Delt 2 -
Mid Range Delt -
Triceps usually in a giant or superset

So instead of doing all the chest work first, and then delts, I go back and forth.

Thank you for your reply.

Thoughts Paul, is it to much volume?

1 Flat dumbbell press drop sets 2x8-8-8
2 Reverse pec deck rear laterals 3x10-10-10 DS
3 Incline cable fly 3x10-12 last set DS xmax
4 Seated lateral raises 3x12 RP
5 Shoulder press 3x8-10
6.1 Reverse triceps pushdown 3x10-12
6.2 Dips 3xmax

Also am rotating PPL 4 days a week. SAT, SUN off TUES off THUR off reapeat.
Cheers Paul.

I don’t know. If you’re recovering and seeing adaptation via an increase in breaking rep PR’s then it’s not.

I can’t ever tell a single person based on just sets and reps if it’s too much without understanding a myriad of things they are doing. Like are all of those sets taken to true failure? If so, and the individual is very strong, I’d think it’s probably too much to be sustainable.

Understand what your saying Paul. To put you in the picture I’m 52yo, reasnable condition and just trying to keep what I have!
As far as my workout goes all set’s are progressive with the last being balls all out!!
Cheers for all you do.