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PPL 6 Times a Week. Am I Doing Too Many Sets?

Ok, so i am trying to add some overall mass.

Doing PPL.

Currently looking somthing like this:

Mon: Back/Bicep
Tue: Legs/abs
Wen: Chest/Shoulder/tri
1 off day and repeat

Currently i am doing somthing like


Chest: 9-12 sets
Shoulder: 9 sets
Tri: 3 sets

Total around 22 sets

Back/Bi day:

Back: 12 sets + 3 deadlift ince a week.
Bi: 4 sets
Total 19 sets


Legs: 12-15 sets
Abs: 3-6 sets

Total around 20 sets

IS this too much for 2x weekly or what does people in here think ?
I really like the tight feeling i get from working out, and i need to get at least 10 sets to have that, so i would rather not downsize :stuck_out_tongue:

Literally impossible to tell without the rep ranges, exercise selections, 1RMs, etc.

15 sets of Squats for 10 reps @ 40% isn’t the same as 15 sets of Squats of 5 reps @ 85%.

It’s just too much all together. Regardless of poundages.

I see you’ve got deadlift in there. No idea what you do for legs, but you could get a lot more out of a PPL routine that’s mostly compound movements. Idk how you feel OHPing, but it’s something to not look over. If you like benching do that too.

Deads are good, and probably a squat of some sort, hamstring stuff, and one or two assistance moves. Same for the other compound lifts mentioned above.

Main thing is are you making steady on the main lifts with this strategy?
Generally as doing three on one off i’d say its fine

You’re doing a bit too much on pressing day. Nine sets of chest work plus nine sets of shoulders is overkill. You could do 12 sets total and I’d still call it high volume. I used to use DBs and do flat bench, incline, and then OHP. Throw in lateral raises afterwards and your done (make sure to hit rear delts on pull day).

If you feel like you have to do that much volume then I question your intensity on your sets. I can torch myself in two sets on an exercise. I use different techniques like 1.5 reps or 21s (full/top half/bottom half or any combination of that order). Muscle failure drives growth.

Some people will recommend a push:pull ratio like 1:2 or 2:3 (2 pressing movements require three pulling movements or it can be by sets). I don’t think there’s a magic number but there are more muscles in your back than your chest so it seems logical (to me) to do more pulling than pushing to stimulate those muscles. You should probably try to do equal volume at the very least. You can do band pull aparts and face pulls between pressing sets to help.

Thanks for the inputs.
I will deffo reduce the push excerciese.

Any inputs on how i should split it between chest/delt/tri ?

Currently a normal workout would look like this:

Chestpress (5/3/1) 6 sets (Using the five3One app to calculate for me and its going well)

Shoulder press (5/3/1) 6(3 warmupt) sets (Using the five3One app to calculate for me and its going well)

Incline 3 set of 12 reps

Decline OR flyers 3x 10-15

Lat raise 3x 10-15

Reverse flyer OR front raise 3x 10

Tricep extension 3x 15

Day 2

Pulldowns 3x 12-15
Close grip pulldowns 2-3x 10-12

Rows 3x 10-15
Low rows 3x 8-10

Deadlift (5/3/1) 6(3 warmupt) sets (Using the five3One app to calculate for me and its going well)

Bicep curls or something like that 3x 12

Day 3.

Squats (5/3/1) 6-9(3 warmupt) sets (Using the five3One app to calculate for me and its going well) Usually i go harder here and somtimes takes 6 working sets

Leg extension 3-4x 12

Leg Curls 3x 12-15

Calf Raise 3x 12-20

Abs 3x 15

So i got all my main compound lifts in there.

How does this look and what would you guys change up ?