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PPL 6 Days/Wk, Mixing Reps/Weight

Loved that whole post! I do have questions about this. I figured I’d still be lifting very challenging weights, just challenging for the rep range I’d be in, maybe 10-14reps and still going to failure. Think that would be a mistake? I guess a lot depends on how you’re eating and sleeping as well.

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Yeah for sure, if that’s the case I’d definitely keep it geared more towards machines and cables, but that’s just me

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You can always jump in my log because I’m running something very similar right now.

I rotate which movements will be heavier, because it’s easy to Jack up your recovery if you’re pushing heavy for every body part all within the same workout. I also threw in explosive stuffs here and there, all mixed with high rep/volume.

Your best bet is to rotate stuff out though.

Here’s what I did Monday? I think?


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Sweet! I’ll definitely check it out!!

Not too far removed from Meadows high-frequency programs. If memory serves the underlying structure is

PPL (pump)

The first three PPL days might not be as strength oriented as you like, conceivably.

The guiding principles for the pump days is

  • no barbells for chest/shoulder days
  • squats and leg presses are okay, but not heavy for leg days
  • no deadlifts or heavy rows on back days

Yea I’ve got a few of Meadows programs. I’d love to run one but two things have stopped me:

Equipment, and it would probably take hours to do them because of how much I’d have to stop and refer back to the program to realize what I’m doing next.

I’ve just been doing my own thing for a while, which is probably not the best thing. I’ve got an itch to try something new and an itch to push the weights in the lower rep range without sacrificing my desire to look like a physique guy :joy:

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