PPL 6 Days/Wk, Mixing Reps/Weight

Any merit in running a 6 day PPL and having 3 PPL days geared towards pursuing a higher 1rm and 3 PPL days geared towards higher reps/hypertrophy style training?

Or is this dumb and would just be a lot of wheel sprinning

Higher 1 rep maxes, like getting stronger in low rep ranges on DB presses and rows?

Or pursuing higher 1 rep maxes like getting ready for a powerlifting competition?

I think so, especially if you’re a 2A as you’ll be dedicating first half of the week to training like a 1A and second half like a 2B.

No, that can be a really good, fun way to train.

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Although I have zero interest in competing, I was talking more towards conventional barbell moves. Or, Atleast “big” exercises. OHP, dead, bench (incline or flat), squat etc.

I’m more like a 3add

Kinda what I’m thinking. You could have two goals and make progress on both sides, strength and size. Which I know aren’t mutually exclusive, I just meant strength in the sense of setting lower rep PR’s

I tried this years ago back when I thought I knew more than I did and burned out in like 3 weeks. YMMV but I’ve never thought of going back to that approach.

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Post up a sample week.

I haven’t come up with anything yet. Figure a strength day would be main movement, then 1-2 supplemental lifts. Pump day would be accessories and maybe 1 heavy semi close to main lift thing, like DB bench for bench work on pump day. Idk. Haven’t thought tooooo into it because I didn’t know if it was dumb.

A pitfall I can think of is having too much time between similar styles of workouts. Like if you do Mon-Sat, after your wed workout you won’t be hitting higher loads again until the following mon. 3 straight days of strength focus could be draining pretty fast. Maybe go:

Push heavy
Pull pump
Legs heavy
Push pump
Pull heavy
Legs pump


That sounds pretty good :man_shrugging: Fwiw, I wasn’t implying keeping the strength and pump work together was what I was going to do. I honestly didn’t even know where to begin on thinking of order. So, thanks for the sample! It definitely passes the makes sense check for me lol

Ha, you’re right. Not sure why I made that assumption.

No need to apologize man, it was a solid post, that to my beginner eye seems like a solid idea

Age? Easy or hard job/studentEtc?

…basically 21 and ready to eat big, then fine. 30+ not so much.

My knee jerk would say do something like this below, 2 on 1 off. The ‘free’ day hit your weak points for very high reps…

Why not 30+? I’m 33 and love running PPL 6 day split.

28 on TRT will blast, extremely physical job, already workout 6-7 days a week with unplanned off days here and there due to work/life.

I skimmed the article, I’ll have to wait till I can sit down and read it.

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He’s just too old to remember what young feels like :blush:

(Just joking of course)

I was spitballing with a similar idea a while back

Day 1 push heavy
Day 2 pull reps
Day 3 legs heavy
Day 4 push reps
Day 5 pull heavy
Day 6 legs reps

Heavy day my plan was 3 exercises only
Rep day was for balance and weak points. Heavy days geared at BB and DB, rep days geared towards machines, dbs, bodyweight but no barbells


Shit I thought you were 40 son

That sounds awesome!

As to the 40… I’m 28. Almost 29. I was burned out on drugs (no real hard stuff) and alcohol before i got out of high school, and I’ve held a full time job in manual labor since 17, and I’ve never ever worked 40 hours a week :joy:. So that’s my excuse for looking 40

I’m pretty sure it was gonna be (for example)

Heavy push

  1. OHP 2x warm up, 1x rest pause heavy
  2. Incline bench 350 method
  3. Weighted dips 3x10-12

Heavy pull

  1. Block pulls rest pause
  2. Barbell row 350 method
    3 weighted chins 3x10-12

Heavy legs

  1. Box squat rest pause
  2. Rdl 350 method
  3. Calf raises

Rep days could be whatever, just get a pump and go home, almost like an active recovery day to promote blood flow

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