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Ppinions please

I recently picked up some Amino 2222 Liquid from Optimum Nutrition. It claims to contain BCAA’s and 22 grams of whey protein per serving, which was the reason I bought it. Anybody used this or know of it’s validity?

You were had. Whey protein is a complete protein and must contain BCAAs. A higher proportion than a glass of milk? Probably not.

Well, I don’t think you were had… IF all you thought you were really buying was Whey Protein. Whey protein is chock full of BCAAs, so if that’s what you want, just buy whatever cheap whey protein you want.

why ask AFTER you bought the product? Does our opinions matter after you spent your money. I will give you a clue, all whey unless manipulated is 20-25% BCAA by weight. Your question reminds me of someone who was unsure about a car, bought it because he got a good deal and then did his CR research. Fool, he was, Yugo’s did not last long. Do the research before you spend your hard earned money.

i’ve used it but stopped, its expensive. cheaper to just mix a shake. you are paying the price for convienance. reall BCAA cost a lot. I get mine from protein factory for $.70 per 10 grams. laters pk