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PPC East

Just went for my first time today, and let me say it’s an awesome facility. Showed up at around 6:30pm, and there were about 12 people in a 20k square foot facility, so it was effectively empty. Awesome awesome place. All the sweet stuff, GHRs, Reverse Hypers, I think I even saw a monolift.

Only complaints: the music sucked balls, and it’s difficult to convert to kilograms in the middle of a deadlift workout (not really a complaint though when you’re using sweet eleiko plates).

I went to a FREE olympic lift seminar last summer. Me and my boys (8-16) learned the basics of the clean and snatch with hands on coaching by Art McDermott and Liane Blyn. All for free. Super big, clean, well equipped facility. While there I bumped into Brad Cardozo. Did I mention the seminar was free?