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This is a website about a powerlifting movie that is being made. Go to Captain Kirk's clip when he talks about his squat racks. This is the best thing I have seen in a while.



But what if the guys were squatting big? What Would Captain Kirk Do (WWCKD)?


You should make t-shirts and bumper sticker with that on it. :slightly_smiling:


WWCKD???? A question a child might ask, but not a childish question.

Does anyone really squat big in comparison? He would use then use his superpowers.


That is a complete a$$hole thing to do. Sounds like something from a prison movie. He should have his own gym if he expects everyone to roll out the red carpet for him. Just because he is strong as shit, it doesn't give him the right to act like that.


i think if he pulled that shit he might meet an sccident with a 40kilo dumbell. The twat. Thats known as WSMWD (what super mick would do).


What? he gave a five minute warning and it was his gym and racks... LOL


You obviously haven't seen Karwoski in person. I honestly question if, in his prime, hitting him with a 90# dumbell would have even bothered him.


Prime?........The Capt dont need no stinkin prime..... the dude just came back from a ten year layoff hit 826, 480ish, and deadlifted 750ish RAW with a torn quad!

Not to mention he was a 6 time world champion and moved the squat record 103lbs by himself in the early 90's.


As George Castanza would say, "I am aware!!" Thanks for the recap.

I was primarily referring to the days when Cadet to Captain was filmed. He was a frickin' animal.

If you think he came to the meet you just referenced in the same shape as back then, you're crazy.


I cant imagine Ed Coan and Dr. Squat coming to the gym at 5:00 in the morning to squat and captain kirk suddenly walking in and chucking weights at them. If its a powerlifting oriented gym, there must be plenty of big squatters no?


no I dont think he came in the same shape... I think he came ten years off his peak shape and was still an animal. Most of the top Plrs today could not hit a FULL squat in the same form with the same weight.


Twice in the history of the world were there equally gifted powerlifters using Capt. Kirk's squat racks at 5:30 ........ One time resluted in the fall of the Berlin wall and the second time it caused a large tsunami in asia killing hundreds of thousands.


So what's your point?