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Powertec Leverage Gym?


So I've been doing my thing and had been considering the old standby of a powerblock set and weight bench....until I saw the price. I've seen and tried Bowflex and it just ain't for me. Recently, I had to do research for a series of articles regarding various home gyms (Weider, Powertec, Parabody, etc). I've seen been seriously checking out the Powertec Leverage, and so far haven't found any real complaints against it. It is plate based, and literally less than half the price (even with tax and shipping) of a Bowflex.

I did check out my local Fitness Depot....not within my budget at all. The cheapest gym I saw there was at least $3Gs. This looks like the right fit for me as its not gimmicky and I can lift true weights. But as always, I wanted to know if anyone had experience with this machine? Link:


Thanks guys!


Don't waste your money.

1 Olympic Barbell (they weigh 45 pounds and have 2" diameter sleeves)
4 x 45lb plates, 2 x 25lb plates, 4 x 10lb plates, 4 x 5lb plates, 2 x 2.5lb plates
1 pair Olympic-loading Dumbells (they weigh like 12.5 pounds and have the same 2" diameter sleeves as the barbell; they look like really short versions of barbells)
1 "Iron Gym" style no-screw doorway chinup bar

That is enough there to get reasonably strong. Deadlifts, clean and squat, clean and press, hack squat, rows, shrugs, curls, floor press, chin-ups, situps, ab roll-outs, hanging leg raises, calf raises, lunges, skullcrushers... you can do 90% of what you need to do with just that. I just looked on Craigslist in my area and found 3 separate listings for the barbell and the plates for less than $200. The dumbells will run you like $70 plus shipping from here http://www.christiansfitnessfactory.com/index.php/Dumbbells/Olympic-Dumbbell-Handle and the Iron Gym is like $50 at Walmart.

I do the majority of my workouts from home and that's basically all I use. I have added a few other pieces (and a bunch more 45s), but that will get you mostly where you need to go.


Sorry, what do you mean by "olympic loading" dumbells? I'll hunt around here. I'm in Canada so I have the sneaky suspicion that I'll find higher prices. Have you used this type of home gym? Curious as to why it is a waste of money. I'm not looking for flas (which that isn't) But I'm also thinking that the gym is mroe space efficient as I'm in a two bedroom apartment with two cats (and my wife). that said I do think the break down of weights you've given me is a good start as I wondered how much I should get. :slight_smile:


What do you mean by "olympic-loading?" Curious: have you used it? Certainly not looking for flash. But to me it seems like it may be worth it, IF it is well constructed. Or are home gyms in general frowned upon on here? I WAS thinking about a set of powerblocks as well.


olympic loading means dumbbells that have thick sleeves, (the part that holds the weights) that use the same plates as an olympic barbell, www.bodylung.com/weights_dumbbells_ob20.html


Thanks for the info. Is the general consensus around here that home gyms are garbage? Everything I've seen points to the one I mentioned as being one of the best. I went into Fitness Depot....ouch $3000.00 for what they had. This one is more in my price range. I'd rather have a compact (ish) machine than tons of hardware as I'm in a relatively small space. :slight_smile:


the concensus is that free weights are better than machines eg home gyms, free weights are cheaper allow more exercises to be performed and will get you stronger all around, basically if you can fit a power rack with an (adjustable bench) and olympic barbell in whatever space you have then you can perform all major lifts, eg bench press, squat, deadlift, barbell rows, ohp, pull ups, curls etc which will make you stronger than a homegyms limited amount of lifts and with machines once you can lift the full stack then you've got a major problem which wont happpen with a barbell. (unless you can squat 1300 pounds) If I was you i'd measure the available space you have and then look at some measurements for racks.


All you need.


(1) I posted a link to the dumbbells. They are like very short (20" long) barbells that you put plates on with a collar, just like a barbell. That way, you don't need 10 different dumbbells, you can just load one pair to whatever weight you need. And they are way cheaper than the Powerblock-style adjustable dumbbells. And can be loaded much heavier- when you eventually get there. All-in-all, an outstanding product.

(2) I've never used that exact piece of equipment. But I've used other similar ones. Generally, they suck. I've never known somebody to get strong using something like that.

(3) A barbell is about 7' long and 2" in diameter. The dumbbells are 20" in diameter. 45lb plates are like 30" in diameter and the rest are smaller. The chin-up bar hangs in a doorway. All of that stuff can be stacked in a 3' by 3' space in a corner of a room when not in use. I have no idea how a heavy, fixed machine that is 8' x 5' and 7' tall could possibly be more space-efficient.


Dude just join a gym if you can. One day you probably will have to move and lug all this shit around, funk that. I need to see some putang when i lift it makes me happy.


I had the chance to go and see the thing in the flesh and use it. Very impressed and smaller than I thought. This will be perfect for me as I won't need a spotter (since when my wife is working I'll workout). very well constructed. Seven, I've got all the "pie" I need at home. :slight_smile:


Oh man...I wouldn't buy anything like that. A gym membership costs so little, and a home gym can be far superior to this thing.

I got a full power rack and olympic bar with 400lbs of plates for $240.
A commercial adjustable bench for $240 brand new on amazon.
Dumbbell handles that hold olympic weights for $40.

My setup is better than this powertec thing, more versatile, and WAY cheaper.


[quote]dtarner wrote:
Oh man...I wouldn't buy anything like that. A gym membership costs so little, and a home gym can be far superior to this thing.

I got a full power rack and olympic bar with 400lbs of plates for $240.

Who did you stab and steal this from? No way it's new.


Dude HOW in GODS NAME did you get a full rack weights for that price? Been looking, no such luck. By the time I've added in the weights, collars, bench and such it costs MORE than the gym in question. I'd love to know where you found all you have for that price.