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Powertec Fitness


Anyone familiar with equipment from this company? Quality stuff? Prices seem reasonable. Thanks in advance for any feedback..


I want to say the guy that heads that company was one of the original people behind the Hammer Strength line. I have one piece of their equipment (the multistation home gym) and it's pretty nice. Very sturdy, can handle pretty good loads.

One complaint I have is that the bench on the benching station doesn't seem to be centered in relation to the bar (and it's not a matter of putting it together wrong or tightening up some bolts, I've checked that out. Maybe I'm just a bit too anal about such things though). That and I'm too tall for the leg extension station. Otherwise, I'm happy with it.

Out of curiosity, what were you thinking of purchasing? I've seen many of the other single station pieces at a really nice fitness store locally.



Hi gwmatthews,
I just got a power rack from them for the gym I run; it's cheap and fairly good.

It all depends on your budget; if you can afford elite equipment then get that, if not then powertec looks like a good compremise.

Hope this helps


I have their open squat rack. It was easy to put together and I have not had any problems with it. I should have gotten the full squat rack with the cable stack though. I bought my squat rack for $300 which inluded shipping.


I have their power rack with the cable attachment, bench and the leverage squat/calf machine.

I like all of them. I would re-think the bench if I had to do it all over again but that's about it, everything else is rock solid, sturdy and well built.


Absolutely try it out before you buy it. Their plate-loaded pulldowns are cRap with a capital R. Their squat is pretty comfortable, for a machine. Durability-wise, they're great for the money.


Are you referring to the lat machine ( http://www.powertecfitness.com/latmachine.htm ) or the pulley attachment for the power rack?


I was thinking of getting the power rack without the pulley attachments. I already have a Hoist "functional" training cable machine so I don't need the pulleys.


OK I suggest this one. Its the one I bought solid and great shipping etc. the Lat maichine is great as well.


Or Go all out and get Elite


Neither. It's hard to mess up a cable system. It's been done before, but it takes work. Actually, I had in mind the multi-gym pulldown: http://www.powertecfitness.com/workbench_multi_sys.htm

These guys are no Hammer Strength.


My bad, I thought you were talking about the cable system.

I would have to agree with you about the multi-system. I looked at them when I bought my rack and was not impressed.