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What makes you tick?

What have you learned in life that has made you a better/stronger person?

What makes you the one who excels above and beyond any and all expectations?

Get some inspiration now and pass it on to other t-men/vixens!!!

Last Wed. evening I was laid off from my training job (this is NOT a sob story). My fiance was on the verge of tears. We are getting married in June and all of a sudden the thought of every damn bill was a little overwhelming.
It was time to channel my aggressions in a positive and productive manner.
What did I do, I turned lemons into fucking lemonade. That night I got on the phone with some of my connections and set up two interviews with some of the best places to work in the area.

It is my belief that my dedication to training helped me pursue these avenues. Just like that last heavy set, there was no way in hell I was going to be stopped in my quest for excellence to take me to another level.

As of this moment, I have two job offers that will produce more income than I was previously making. Now it’s just a matter of which one to choose (nice problem to have).

Moral of the story:
Never, ever let things in life get you down. Things may seem tough at times but life will continue to go on. With or without you. Never will I sit on my ass and feel sorry for myself. Sometimes it’s almost as if you need a shake-up in life to make a change for the better. This was it for me.

As for the other “place” that I was working at…it’s going to be a loss for them, not for me.

Aspire and ascend !!!

the story of a true t-man.

The gospel of Christ.

Good post, BodyIQ.

Congrats and good luck with your new job! I bet seeing your fiancee’s face when she found out about the better job was a real kodak moment.

Yes. She is feeling MUCH better now. Thanks.

Lets here some other things out there!

Everyone has factors in life that are integral to their makeup. We are all driven by components and elements that take us to new highs.

What is it that makes you thrive?

 As I've said before, im joining the armed forces. I've been thinking to some extent about what you actually sign up for when you write your name down in the contract your recruiter gives you. He promises you a good job, a trade, money, a challenge. The rest is up to you to figure out. The casualties of war. The risks. It's your job to see if the advantages outweight the risks, and how big your balls are.  

 You're a trained machine in the armed forces. You're trained to kill, and you're on the field to divert the bullets from the innocent. You're a hot target. No 6 meals/day luxury. No whining about whats on tv, or that you're broke (no pun intended). All that goes through your mind is whats going on in the field. And I wont be far off when I say the thought of who you're doing this for is what literally keeps you going. Your friends back home, your family. Your guts - because youll be damned if the other guy locks in on you first.
  Everytime I hear someone cry about how his protein shake doesnt taste good, picking up a fight at a bar for some stupid reason, or swearing he'll sue you for scratching his car, I just ignore it. I know how absurd it is. on one side you have the free guy whining about one of his many luxuries he enjoys. On the other side you have a balls to the walls guy, m16 in his hand, whose only thing that runs through his mind is the wish to return home safe. He fights for our freedom back home, and he's just a young guy like myself. He has only one life, and his kids have only one dad. He's there, and because he's there the motherfucker in the bar can afford to pick up a stupid fight. the bar fighter fights for no good reason, and has no worthy enemy. The soldier on the field fights for his life, his nation - and always fights a worthy enemy. When was the last time you had a whole platoon try to shoot you before you know it?

  Without having even signed a contract, the decision of joining the military will toughen me up more than all years ive spent training will. While physical toughness needs always be there, it's mental toughness that separates real men from pussies. You have probodybuilders who breathe like asthmatics when they walk 15 feet,  and have the character of a big egomaniac pussy. Then you have a true soldier. Always alert, a simple slip could mean his life on the field. THAT'S toughness. That's as tough as you'll get. 
 I hope I'm not sabotaging your post here. Regardless of the known fact that soldiers have chronically lower t levels, as athletes do, they are the single best example of pure t-breed out there. 

He was the original T-Man, huh, pooh?

Dude, you already have the focused, razor-sharp mentality that’s needed to excel in the armed forces. I think it’ll be a great experience for you, with some learning that you can carry with you through life. Good luck!

Congrats to you for the quick turnaround! Quick action followed by perseverance definitely pays off.

My philosophy revolves around ideas like, “For every door that’s closed, a new one is opened”, or “After the rain, comes the rainbow, and then the sunshine”, or “for every ending, there is a new beginning”, etc.

In other words, I’m an eternal optimist. No matter what happens, I always ask myself important questions like, what good can come from this? How can I use this to help me? What have I learned from this? How can I keep this from happening again? You get the picture.

And then I use the power of focus. I focus on exactly what I want the outcome to be, and ignore all other distractions. Focus on my goal, my desired outcome, and never take my eyes off.

That, and a little spirituality, but I won’t get into that here.

It works, though. It worked when my father left and I never saw him again, when my stepfather left after 9 years and I never saw him again, when I found my wife, the lady I was going to spend the rest of my life with, fucking a fat guy (now that sucked!).

It’s all good, and it’ll always work out.


I’ll second Poohbaya, not just because Jesus was/is a T-Man but He provided the way for all to spend eternity in Heaven. Flame if you want too but I was asked what gives me inspiration and I gave it! -LW


I’m definitely not gonna flame ya for that, LW. (Trust me though. That probably pissed off someone out there, and they’ll hijack the thread and proceed flaming - you’ve seen some of the characters that pop in here!)


I’m 100% behind the men and women in our military. It takes a certain breed, and in my opinion, there just aren’t enough of you.

I’m also proud of the fact that we’ve got the mightiest, most sophisticated military in the history of the world to protect our freedoms in America.

(damn, I probably just inadvertently attracted Say to this thread. Sorry.)

Third times a charm: the gospel of Christ.

Yes, Christ is what makes it all happen for me too. #1 above all else.

I was in the Army for 8 years (86-94’) and lucked out as I never had to go to war. So anyone that fights in this war has got balls of titanium as far as I’m concerned. Best of luck to you in your endeavors.

Damn, this thread is really going to irritate the muslim extremists! :slight_smile: