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PowerStack Experience

I just finished my PowerStack and thought it would be a good idea to let you guys know how it went for me (and so I can get the free t-shirt too :-))
OK, here are some of my personal details for reference: I am 6’4", 21 yrs old, 200lbs, 6% bodyfat.

1.) PowerDrive: I was training for boxing and this was a great product. I found it kept me from getting really anxious before sparring and extremeley focused during practice. I had great results taking two scoops 15 minutes before my workout with water. Taking PD with club soda was a big problem for me, as the times I did do this my stomach felt really burpy and not settled. This may have been because I don’t drink carbonated beverages at all but I still found the PD to be very effective and tasty. The taste is incredible - better than orange gatorade in my opinion.
2.) Tribex-500: I saw some noticeable strength gains using Tribex but was surprised not to get the “sexual arousal” side effects that many people have talked about. I had a funny experience with the Tribex one night, as I took four pills without any water. Bad idea! A half an hour later I coughed and a cloud of Tribex powder came out of my mouth. Taught me my lesson real fast.
3.) M: M was great. I noticed that I leaned out easily without any negative side effects. It worked well in conjuction with the Tribex and was a pretty powerful element of the stack. One thing however, I was taking M in the morning and Tribex at night.
4.) Low-Carb Grow: The best tasting protein out there IMO. It was rich and had great flavour. Some of my friends tried it and thought it tasted better than Yoo-Hoo. Go figure.
5.) Grow: This was a great addition to my early morning carbs. It mixed extremely well. I only needed to shake a mixer bottle of it and water for about 45 seconds before it was completely mixed. Another great product.
6.) Grow Bars: Wow, these are yummy. On my carb-up days I would eat at least two or three. They are great. I was kind of leery about the peanut butter ones at first, but their flavour really grew on me. I wish there was a chocolate-flavoured one. I like chocolate.

So there you go, my Power Stack Experience. It went really well for me and I saw my strength, power and endurance levels increase the six weeks I was using these products. I am definitely a Grow-Boy from here on out.
Patrick M

Thanks for the report! But did you not take Tribex twice a day like the label says? It’s hard to tell from your post. You said you were taking it “at night” instead of morning and afternoon as Biotest says.

I followed the supplementation plan sent out in the Behind the Scenes article in Issue 229. I took 3 M pills before 9 AM each morning and 3 Tribex-500 pills after 6 PM each evening along with 2 scoops of PD before each workout.