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Powerstack Experience

It took me a while to get started on the Powerstack. When the supplements arrived, work was getting crazy so my training schedule was less than optimal and I felt the effectiveness of the “stack” would be compromised. I decided to begin on December 2 and followed the guidelines Tim Patterson originally laid out.

I switched my training to a Westside set-up 3 months ago and had been making good progress up until the present. The most effective supplement out of the bunch in my opinion was the Powerdrive. I used two servings mixed in club soda 15-20 minutes before my sessions. Mental focus on Max Effort days was tremendous and over the entire 4 weeks using Powerdrive I set new PRs. On Dynamic Effort days bar speed felt quicker and I felt I was able to keep it up throughout all sets.

The Tribex and M also added a little kick. My recovery time was definitely improved while taking the Tribex. Soreness disappeared ~36 hours after a hard workout as opposed to the usual 48-72 I normally experience. I attribute this to my increased ability to add a few more active recovery workouts throughout the week. Having taken Tribex before in the past though, I had better results with 6 capsules a day rather than the three recommended for the Powerstack.

The Grow! bars and MRPs tasted awesome as usual. It’s nice to have Classic Grow! back.

Overall, I was impressed with the Powerstack. I will definitely add Powerdrive and Tribex into my supplement arsenal in addition my regulars like Surge and Grow! powders.

Anyone get their T-shirts yet?

Got mine. Sported it for the first time during my workout with chardawg. It like the black and red and have worn it 2 times now outside the gym. I’d like to see a matching skully cap or beanie.

Haven’t tried the Power Drive yet, but it definitely sounds like it’s worthwhile.

Mirrors my results…although Tribex and M did do for me what it did for you. PowerDrive had the biggest impact and that was over time. As I said in my other two posts, I added PowerDrive to my daily routine (they disappeared the day after I posted them, don’t know what happened there). No T-shirt yet, but they let me try a couple of hundred dollars of product for free, so no big deal…

If you were taking the segments of the stack at the same time, how do you know what did what?

The quicker recovery time could have been a cumulative effect from all the supplements like you stated. But, I have used Tribex and Powerdrive before in the past, never in conjunction though, and I know what effects they have on me.

The Powerdrive gave me more of a kick with 2 scoops in club soda as opposed to the 1 scoop in water that I used in the past. Also, I can ‘feel’ Tribex more with the recommended 6 capsules. When I took 6 caps a day about 5 months ago my recovery from workouts was phenomenal. Taking 3 Tribex a day during the ‘stack’ only gave me a little recovery boost compared to my past experience with it. -Daniel Bojar