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Powerstack Experience - Powerdrive

I’m finally fulfilling my obligation to report on my experience with the combo of supplements that Biotest was so kind to give me several months ago. My report has been delayed by my going through two extra cycles of the products in question in order to perhaps more fully observe any changes they may have induced. Now, I can’t say I have too much faith in anectdotal reports, even my own, but I did my best. So, here it goes.

  1. Powerdrive: This appeared to have positive results on my alertness and performance. It’s hard to convince myself of this, as it’s rather difficult to quantify the results. Taking it three times per day, with a double dose before workouts that I’d consider to either especially draining on the CNS, e.g., high-volume olympic lift training, or “cognitively intense,” e.g., focus pad drills, punch-slipping drills, sparring, etc., I noticed that I felt less taxed afterwards, and I usually felt like completing more rounds than I had originally planned. I did a sort of self-study on my performance on the speedbag involving time between “fuck ups” and came up with a difference that bordered right on statistically significant. So, it seemed to help, and the product is pretty cheap, so I’ve decided to include this as a long term “experimental” supplement. I think it’s a good gamble unless you’re dirt poor.

Grow! Bars

Well, there’s not much to say about these, but what I can say is good. I can drink my low carb Grow! all day long, as it’s the best tasting protein powder out there, and the Grow! bars are a worthy successor. I like the taste better than any other bar I’ve tried, including the new Detour bars, and so these have become my new source of emergency protein. Thumbs up.

Tribex and M

I truly thought about getting saliva tests done throughout my course of these supplements, but I backed down due to budgetary limitations. I really tried to pay attention to my body while on these, but unfortunately, I really can’t say that I noticed anything for certain. One week it might have seemed like my libido was up and I was recovering better, and the next week it might not have. Now, it certainly might have an significant effect, but I’m afraid to say I couldn’t detect it