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Power's Lifting


...ha, get it? Ya.

I lift things, and as I progress I aim to lift even heavier things. My next competition is in the late Fall, between now and then will prepare to lift the heaviest things I have yet.

I shall document this preparation below.


Here's a video of last weeks beltless squats to get the ball rolling.


I'm taking advantage of this summer off-season to do some fun BB type training in an attempt to add some size (working so far) and will be blending it in with some basic SBD type movements.

1a. Incline Cable Flyes: #6x15x3 sets
2a. Incline DB Press [Moderate Incline]: 50x8, 90x8, 100x8, 85x8x2 sets
3a. Decline Smith Bench Press [Slight Decline, 3/4 Lockout]: 135x25, 185x20, 205x15, (Wide Grip) 225x5-205x5-185x5-135x8
4a. Incline DB Flyes [Low Incline]: 40x10x3 sets
4b. Band Dislocations: x10x3 sets

5a. Seated Single Arm Hammer Curls: 50x8/s, 55x8/s, 60x8/sx2 sets
6a. S.A. High Cable Preacher Curls 11x8/s, 12x5/s-11x5/s-9x5/s-5x5/s
7a. Reverse EZ Bar Curls: 50x15, 60x15x2 sets

Pretty good session. Left pec major still felt a bit strained but was alright after incline DB presses, power didn't feel quite where I wanted it to be though. Had hoped for three sets at 100. The pump by the end of flyes was almost disorienting.


excellent, I used to read your original log on here before I started posting, good to see you back dude.


So, you basically lift things up and put them down ? :slight_smile:

Nice squats mate, however, I never though I'd read you were doing stuff like cable flies... hmmm.
Careful with those Smith Declines will ya ? That's how I re-fucked my shoulder.


Thank you sir, always appreciated. It's good to be back.

Sometimes, but sometimes I just lift them up and drop them.

I've begun to appreciate a place for that sort of stuff in my programming. Though it makes up about 1/4-1/3 of my total training, even in an off phase. Tomorrow will be more of the stuff you're used to seeing.

Will do on the smith declines, that was my first time trying them and probably my 3rd time ever doing chest on a decline bench. We did them a la J. Meadows on a propped up flat bench, with maybe 15 degrees slope. Still felt them majority in anterior delt though.


Well, if you can handle it, keep doing the declines. For me, unless it's a free weight decline I always feel my rotators cuff screaming in agony, it seems I don't have the ability to bring the bar to the middle of my chest and bench elbows wide anymore outside incline angles :frowning:


Also, if you are interested in doing some bodybuilding-like stuff, give Josh Bryant's powerbuilding book a read, there's some good stuff from him, Dobson, Coan and even Kazmeier.


Weight: 214
Foam Rolling: 5 mins (Full Body)
Mobility: 5 mins (Abbreviated[AC PL 1])


1a. Squats [Beltless]: 20x20, 70x5, 110x3, 150x2, 185x2, 200/441x5, 210/463x5
1b. Band Facepulls [Seated]: Mini x15x3
2a. Band Push-Ups [Close Grip]: Average x12x3
2b. KB Batwings: 28/62x8(3)x3
3a. GHR: BW+22x10x4


1a. Partial DB Side Raises: 25x12/s, 35x10/s, 45x10/s x3, 35x20/s
2a. Seated Lateral Raise [Supinated]: 20x10x2
2b. Seated Front Raise: 20x10x2
2c. Shrug to Clean and Press: 20x10x2
3a. Reverse Incline Rear Delt Flyes: 25x22-17.5x20-10x15 (Pause at Top) x2 sets
4a. Freemotion Lateral Raises: 80x8(3), 100x8(3)x2
5a. Single Arm Crossbody Hammer Curl: 40x10/s x2
5b. Single Arm DB Curl: 40x10/s x2

Decent energy considering time of day that I trained. Pec was still sore at delt insertion so avoided any pressing movements.


Weight: 211
Foam Rolling: 3 mins (T-Spine/Lats)

1a. Deadstop Single Arm DB Rows: 60x10, 110x10x4
2a. Single Arm Grappler Rows: +70x8, +75x8, +80x8, +45x8 (Paused)
3a. Neutral Grip Lat Stretchers: 60x12, 125x12, 125x8-125x5
4a. Wide-Neutral Grip Lat Pulldowns: 165x8, 150x10, 140x12, 125x15
4b. Single Arm Seated Cable Rows: 60x8/s x4

Fasted again this Thursday, so moderate energy at this point in the day (though as expected). BCAA's and some MCT oil kept me pretty well fueled, sipped a bit of Surge R. throughout. I find the pump/blood reaches the muscle a lot quicker and between set recovery is a bit hampered when I don't have carbs in me, but otherwise performance was about normal. If I had squatted or deadlifted today it might be a different story.


Weight: 214
Foam Rolling: 3 mins (Upper Body)
Mobility: 5 mins (Abbreviated[AC PL 1])

1a. Rope Cable Pressdowns [+ISO Hold]: 80x15, 100x15
1b. Rope Cable Hammer Curls [+ISO Hold]: 80x10, 100x10

2a. Dips: 214x8 (Bodyweight), 214+45x8, 214+90x8, 214+100x8, 214+115x8, 214+90x8
3a. Alternating DB Hammer Curls: 30x8/side, 50x8/side, 60x8/side x3 sets
3b. Low Incline Rolling DB Extensions: 35x10, 40x10x3 sets, 45x10
4a. Seated Leaning Crossbody Hammer Curls [Slow Tempo+ISO Hold]: 25x12x3 sets
4b. DB L Extensions: 30x12/side, 25x12/side x2 sets
5a. TRX Push-Ups: 214x15x2 sets

Good session, biggest thing holding me back today was having trained back yesterday, forearms pumped up before hammer curls were done and the brachialis soon after. Hadn't done heavy dips in awhile so was pretty happy with 115x8, could have probably managed 125-30 for 8...can't wait to be back up to close to double bodyweight on that movement. Hope to get a SBD session in later today; leave for NS in the AM though so might be pushing it.


They got you too, what the hell :frowning:
Everyone is training fasted these days.


If you dissapear again I'll hunt you down and eat your liver for protein.


Don't you worry!

I'm on vacation in Atlantic Canada for two weeks so training is and will be sporadic and short for the next little bit.


Mobility: 5 mins (Abbreviated Full)

1a. Squats (Beltless): 75x5, 110x3, 150x2, 190/419x1, 200/441x5x2, 80x25
2a. Bench Press (Medium Grip): 70x5, 90x3, 105/231x1, 110/243x5, 115/254x5, 75x25
2b. Pull-Ups (Close/Med/Wide): 215x5x10
3a. Facepulls: 110x12x3
3b. Hyperextension: x25x3

Feeling a bit jet lagged/tired after three days of travel and catch-up with friends, should have stretched and rolled but the opportunities just weren't there. Therefore wasn't all that surprised when I was feeling stiff/sore mid-session.


Mobility: 5 mins (Full Body)

1a. Squats [Beltless]: 75x5, 110x3, 150x2, 190/419x1, 205/452x5, 212.5/467x3, 220/485x2, 105x15
1b. External Rotations: 5k x8/side x3 sets
2a. Bench Press [Medium Grip]: 70x5, 85x3, 102.5/226x1, 115/254x5x2 sets, 85x15
2b. Pull-Ups [Wide Grip]: 212+22x15,12,10,8,8
3a. Tire Flips: 800x14
4a. Tire Flip Medley: 1000x1x4 sets
4b. Tire Flip Medley: 800x2x4 sets

Lots of fun training today, on vacation in PEI and dropped by a local performance warehouse style gym where I know a few powerlifters. Squats went well considering how out of routine I am, bench still feeling stale but way better than last few weeks. Tire medley was a spur of the moment decision, hadn't flipped anything over 800 before so was happy to give 1000 a ride. Need to get that 2nd rep in next time.


Mobility: 3 mins (Abbreviated Full Body)

1a. Front Squats [Beltless]: 65x5, 105x3, 125/276x1, 145/320x5x2 sets
1b. Lat PNF: x5(3)x3 sets
2a. Bench Press [Medium Grip]: 65x5, 85x3, 102.5x1, 117.5/259x5 (1s Pause), 105/231x5 (2s Pause)
2b. Pull/Chin-Ups [Various, 2s Hold at Top]: 210x5x10 sets
3a. Deadlifts [Sumo, Speed Pulls]: 75x5, 125x3, 160/353x3x4 sets

I'm currently on vacation but this is the most stressed I've been in months. It took everything I had to drag me in to the gym today (Monday) and I tried to make the most of the 45 minutes I had before the gym closed. Really hoping things work themselves out in the next few days.


Mobility: 3 mins (Lower Abbreviated)

1a. Squats [Beltless]: 75x5, 110x3, 150x2, 190x1, 195/428x5, 207.5/458x5, 220/485x1x2 sets
2a. GHR: 210x15x3 sets
3a. Pull-Ups 3b. Push-Ups

Slightly better day today, mostly because of environment. Trained with a few members of the SMU football team in Halifax and was happy with squats on low energy and rest


Mobility: 3 mins (Lower Abbreviated)

1a. Front Squats [Beltless]: 65x5, 105x3, 125/276x1, 145/320x5, 165/364x3
1b. Yoga Scap Push-Up: 210x8x2 sets
2a. Bench Press [Medium Grip to 2 Board]: 65x5, 95x3, 105/231x1, 125/276x5, 130/287x5, 102.5/226x15
2b. Pull-Ups [Wide Grip]: 210x17, 210x14 (31 Total)
3a. Single Arm Freemotion Row with Protraction: 80x10/side x2 sets

Not really enjoying cruise type training especially on a diet and routine I'm not accustomed too. Really anxious to get back to the routine and quality training facility/equipment that I'm used too (yes, I'm spoiled).


Some strong squats there mate!