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Powerplate for Workout Recovery?


So my gym has what's called a Powerplate and I was wondering how effective it might be for pre/post workout recovery.

As far as I can tell by it, it's just a plate that vibrates fairly quickly, but not too intensely. I was thinking of stretching my hamstrings on it to increase my flexibility and also using it for warming up and cooling down. What is everyone's thoughts on the use of a Powerplate?


I can’t imagine that stretching, and stretching on a ‘Powerplate’ would have a lot of differences.

Pull a sled and foam roll for active recovery. That’s the good shit.


I use a Powerplate occasionally to help with recovery. It seems to help a bit with soreness and performance for the next workout.


I use it occasionally, first few times I did some hamstring streches on it I noticed a good increase in my flexibility pretty much instantly. A friend of mine with knee problems uses it as well he says it helps.

You could probably use it to get a bit of a pump going, holding the mid position of a push up and getting the pecs to contract and relax rapidly should increase the blood flow to the muscle.

Im not sure how effective it is with soft tissue work as opposed to foam rolling, but sports therapists do use vibrating tools in massage, the power plate could help break up any adhesions.

Bottom line is it wont hurt and probably could help, give it a go.