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PowerPB: Protein + Flax Enhanced

Anybody ever tried SnacLite PowerPB? I saw some at GNC a few days ago and I’m wondering if it’s worth buying.

Ingredients: Roasted Peanuts, Egg Whites, Flax Seed, Wheatgerm, Honey, Flax Seed Oil, Salt

Serving size: 4 tbsp

calories 315

fat 19g
omega-3 10g
omega-6 3g

carb 12g
fiber 8g
sugar 4g

protein 24g

Not unless it’s on sale.

That stuff is expensive!

[quote]ChrisKing wrote:
Not unless it’s on sale.

That stuff is expensive![/quote]

Disregarding price, would you eat it?

Last time I looked into this stuff, I found a report showing how it failed label claims testing, if we’re talking about the same brand. Here’s an exerpt from an old <a href="http://www.t-nation.com/category.jsp?categoryID=37&pageNo=1"target=“new”>blog entry:

"I’ve seen many forumites recommend Power Butter to other T-Nation readers. Power Butter is peanut butter made with flax seeds, flax oil and egg whites. It claims to be a high protein super food. It better be given that it sells for over $15 a jar!

Well, Labelclaimstesting.com and Research Triangle Park Laboratories tested it and here’s what they found:

Claimed protein per serving: 32 grams
Actual protein per serving: 17 grams

The fat claims were off too.

So much for that product! I never really understood it anyway. I like natural peanut butter, I like flax seeds, and I like egg whites, but do I really want to pay over 15 bucks for all three mixed together? Nope."