Powerllifting during bulking?

Now that I am in an actual calorie excess, and have started my bulking, I want to change my workout a little bit, I would like to do a powerlifting routine.
I realize that this isnt a bodybuilding routine, but muscle is muscle and I should get big right? Ill probabaly throw in some more bicep/tricep work than what is in there, but is doing a routine like this good for getting hyoooge? or should i stick to a more traditional routine?

You can certainly grow on a powerlifting routine, but it would depend on your total number of sets.

If you're training in a 3-5 rep range, assuming you have enough sets, you will see growth. Chad Waterbury had an article on this recently, I believe.

Hope this helps.

This is the routine I was planning on doing, http://houseofpaynepowerlifting. homestead.com/ files/Louie_1_.htm
I was thinking of doing 3x10 strip sets, for the assistance exercises, rather than supersetting, to really get fatigued by the end. Probably going to keep this routine for 16 weeks, and switch up the assistance exercises/reps/ etc after 6 weeks or so. Thanks for the help.

PS If i am doing something wrong lemme know, peace