Powerliftingwatch Lifter of the Year

idk if this is allowed but if not someone will delete the post but powerlifting watch is doing a lifter of the year and somehow some guy i’ve honestly never heard of is winning. Some how he got his name out there. William lee? But if you guys want to help turn it around ray williams is just shy in votes. And since he did get the first ever 1,000 lb squat without wrap my opinion he blows the other guy away

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I hope William Lee does win. Maybe then people will stop putting so much stock in that site.

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Whats wrong with the site? and they actually thought the poll was hacked cause that guys votes exploded in a day. I have never heard of him even looking on google

I just took a look, check this comment:
“I had to do some research to find out who William Lee was, undoubtedly a great lifter (more accomplished than I ever will be), but to be voted second right now on this elite list is crazy to me. Maybee someone can enlighten me to what I am missing, but from what I read his lifetime best bench is 650 equipped @ 242, Jeremy Hoornstra beats that raw at same weight?! It also looks like he has been competing push / pull or bench only recently (with a 683 PB DL) , am I missing something here guys or is my information correct?”

This makes the poll lose all credibility, it sounds like he got his facebook friends to vote for him or something like that. There should have been some criteria to qualify for nomination.


That’s exactly what seems to be the case.

Vince, nothing wrong with the site, more the way people use it. It’s just meant to be a combination of powerlifting news, and a reference point for lifters to see what’s going on in the world of powerlifting. People tend to elevate it to the level of some sort of definitive record book.

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