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Powerlifting's New Suit


Using pneamatic or hydrolic systems to achieve amplified strength will always be bulky and ineffective for maximum ROM.

The same thing will probably be done with artificial contractile fiber that you could wear like clothing. All the individual components of the technology(strong flexible artificial muscle fiber, muscle twitch sensing, microcomputers for portable proccessing of complex movements and intensity of movement) are allready a reality.

They need robocop to lift 180#'s? And even then, the machine only provides about 90#'s of assistance? friggin waste of $$$, IMO.

shoot, i was thinking of a machine that let 110# nurses carry 800# fatties overhead with one arm.

With the initial outlay and tailoring costs, 90lbs carryover doesn’t seem like much. Then there are oil changes, hose checks, timing belt replacements…

Is it Inzer or Metal?


My guess is that this thing costs a bajillion dollars and it would just be cheaper to get another person to help you move a patient. Not to mention what a pain in the ass it probably is to get into it.