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Hey i have been working out for almost a year now and have seen gains here and there and now i would like to give Powerlifting a try.

I wanted to know if you guys can help me with a good PL routine that would not only give me strenght but also put mass on me. I want a routine that would make me work my ass off in the gym. thanks alot

There are a lot of routines on here specifically designed for powerlifting and please use the search feature before posting. You will get a lot less crap.

Probably the best routine for beginners is the Starr/Pendlay 5X5 routine. It’s a great place to begin, is 3 days a week, and if done properly will pack pounds on both your lifts and your frame. I’d definitely suggest this for a beginner it’s good stuff. there is an interactive spreadsheet that will figure your pounds and percentages if you’re interested.

Joe Defrancos Westside For Skinny bastards, its on this site.